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7 Paths To The Best Acne Cure
by Ryan Richards

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Acne can be a real bully as it messes with your self-confidence and can play with your emotions. However, there happens to be a large number of very effective treatment methods for you to check out and choose from. Listed below are seven options for you consider when you find yourself searching for a lasting and reliable acne cure for you individual situation.
1. Benzoyle Peroxide

Probably the most effective item out there for acne treatment out there, this ingredient is in many other acne treatment products on the market. Most of the Commercial that have benzoyl peroxide use its properties to attack bacteria that are known to cause such acne breakouts.

2. Accutane

Accutane is a very strong treatment that is intended for very intense cases of acne. This drug is very powerful and can put a stop to the worst cases of breakouts. It is wise to consult a physician before taking this treatment for you acne since it is very powerful it might be harmful and has some side effects you should know about prior.

3. ClearPores

This is a very fast acting product that can help clear up that acne of yours in a very short time. When it is used, it first starts by attacking the p. acnes bacteria. After that, it starts to move on to shedding dead skin cells which stops excess oil being built up. This product will nominally clear up the condition you are trying so hard to get rid of.

4. Exposed

This treatment will help fight against p. acnes bacteria while it helps your body produce less sebum. This happens to be one of the most successful methods out there since it helps to unclog your pores and then helps balance the amount of oil your skin produces. The manufactures of this treatment have such confidence in its success that they offer a three hundred and sixty five day guarantee.

5. Acnezine

This acne medication has become increasingly popular since the treatment is aimed at preventing future breakouts of acne while at the same time treating the acne you already have. By using anti-oxidants, it flushes out unwanted and harmful toxins that help develop acne over time. It has a large mixture of ingredients to do the job effectively.

6. Proactiv

This is of course the most well known acne treatment on the market. This is because it has a number of endorsing celebrities to promote the products, which has created the image that it is the number one acne treatment out there. It does great in getting rid of pimples with a three-step process, which has a cleanser, toner, and of course repairing lotion for you to apply.

7. Laser Treatment

If you have tried all sorts of products, methods and techniques to get rid of you acne, laser treatment may be your only option. Again, like some of the other products it is intended for very severe cases of acne, laser treatment targets infected areas by using laser light impulses. After the treatment however, there will probably be some minor swelling and redness that will fade away in a short amount of time with results showing as soon as a week.

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