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Acne skin care: Effective Botanicals To Help Treat This Cosmetic Condition
by Christine Collins

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More and more people are turning to natural remedies these days to treat their acne skin care condition. People today wish to treat this skin condition holistically and have sought out botanical treatments since they will not cause any allergic reactions. Certain botanicals found in nature are added to acne skin care formulas since they help stop the overproduction of sebum.

Papaya is a tropical fruit and is often used in acne treatments because of its soothing properties. It helps to prevent scarring and remove acne lesions. Lavender and Chamomile are botanical plants that help clear up any acne that is present on the skin and prevent any future flare ups from occuring. You can also combine essential oils of thyme and clary sage with chamomile and lavender and massage into your skin in circular motions.

Tea tree oil is an effective antibacterial compound and is found in many natural acne skin care products. This wonderful oil comes from the Australian tree Melaleuca Alternifolia. It has been found to be antibacterial, anti viral, and is effective against antibiotic resistant bacteria. It is claimed to be non toxic and is much more potent than carbolic acid. Most aromatherapists recommend diluting this essential oil before applying it to the skin in order to prevent any negative skin reactions.

Another essential oil that also has antibacterial properties is eucalyptus. Oil of eucalyptus is especially beneficial in healing blackheads and other blemishes associated with acne. It is also very effective at treating oily skin. It is important that when you apply this or any essential oil, you do so with a cotton ball and not with your fingers since the bacteria present there can further clog your pores.

Most medical studies have concluded that diet does not play a role in the cause or treatment of acne. However, there are certain nutrients that have been discovered to be important for good skin health. Vitamins A, C, and the bioflavonoids are important nutrients since they strengthen capillaries and increase blood flow to the skin. These nutrients can be taken in capsule form or can be obtained from the diet by eating carrots, cantaloupe melon and citrus fruits.

Botanicals have been used for many centuries to treat different diseases. It is not surprising that they also are being used to treat acne. In many cases these same botanicals are also combined with other natural compounds to treat this skin condition. One such compound is Phlorogine, a natural algae scientifically shown to significantly control the symptoms of acne.

Once your doctor has diagnosed your skin condition they can decide which type of treatment will be most appropriate for your particular case. Don't forget to discuss with your physician about the possibility of adding these botanicals to your skincare regimen. Since these herbal plants have been in existence since biblical times they can also help treat this condition and rejuvenate your skin at the same time.

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