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How Much Do You Know About Acne

How Much Do You Know About Acne
by Sola Pitt

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Scientifically called Acne Vulgaris, acne is one of the most widespread skin conditions in the world. Acne affects the sebaceous glands and the hair follicles being accompanied or not by tissue inflammation. In fact the common name of pimples or zits applies to acne lesions, and they trouble the majority of adolescents as well as very many adults in their twenties or thirties. Most of the time, hormonal imbalances, inadequate diet and an intoxication of the system are among the main factors that generate this skin disease.

The body parts most affected by acne are the face, the neck, the upper back and the shoulders, but in very serious and extended cases, people get acne on other parts of the body too, like on the head for instance. The acne symptoms and the aspect of the lesions are the elements that allow the diagnosis of a certain type of acne over another. The severest form is cystic acne that is both painful and pretty difficult to treat: besides the external pimples, there are cysts present deep into the skin.

Thus, the treatment of acne as such differs according to the severity of the condition, not to mention that there are multiple therapeutic approaches too. The complex thing about such a skin problem is that there is a very serious and worth considering issue related to acne: its psychological impact on the sufferer who is often marked by scars permanently. If pimples were a horrible thing to look at every day, then scars are an awful daily reminder that things are not over.

Presently, lots of attempts are being made in the direction of keeping people informed on the options they have for acne treatment. Even when the identification of the causes of the disease is not possible, the symptomatic treatment supported by a dietary plan works well too. Keep in mind that highly processed foods, with lots of fat and sugar, smoking and alcohol created imbalances that often get reflected in the skin look.

Sometimes you can be the specialist and differentiate between what is or isn't healthy. Nevertheless stay realistic and don't jump to adopting all sorts of treatments on the basis of false myths. Before using one remedy or another, check its safety and efficiency in other treatment cases. Go therapeutic because that will work best for your health!

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