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Important Facts About Body Acne and Back Pimples
by Kim Hartley

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Do you know about those guests that show up uninvited, the ones we don't
really want to visit us, the ones that stay way too long, show up at the most inopportune time and can leave a mess even after they have departed?
I'm not talking the neighbors, friends or in-laws. These uninvited guests are the dreaded blemishes or pimples that show up on our face and body.
More often these guests invite themselves on our face. But what about those back pimples or body acne? Why are they there? irritated by the clothes we need to wear only makes it worse.

Here are some explanations to the cause of back pimples:

Generally our bodies are covered most of the time with clothing and when we sweat we create excess oil that can clog the pores allowing the bacteria to continue to grow. Hormonal imbalance can also be a factor, and anyone can be affected by back pimples and body acne.

How can you get a handle on this?

For mild to moderate acne you can follow these simple steps and be on your way to get it under control. You may want to consult your dermatologist if you feel your situation is too severe.

Using a mild, oil free cleanser on your back will be less irritating for your skin. Don't worry about breaking a sweat from exercising; you can take precautions to assure this won't be irritating to your skin. Dry off as quickly as you can without rubbing or scrubbing your skin. Shower and change out of the workout clothes as soon as possible.

You should wear clothes made of 100% cotton and lose fitting , as your skin can breathe better than with fabrics such as Lycra or wool, and tight fitting clothes, which are more confining and can cause irritation to the skin. Changing and washing your sheets frequently in a mild detergent will prevent further growth of bacteria. Get body acne and back pimples under control quickly to prevent scarring and becoming a more severe problem.

There is an alternative solution for back pimples and body acne that will treat it quickly and effectively without having to use lotions and creams that can be messy and also prevent scarring. Zenmed formulated a proven comprehensive solution that is now readily available. You need to give it a try.

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