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Hair Loss Causes In Women
by John Farikani

Women and hair loss causes suffer from not only fear, but also they feel less feminine. They feel that the loss of hair will causes of female hair loss, people to look at them differently. So they want to try and avoid if they can those hair loss causes. But not all of them can you avoid.

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Hormones becoming off balanced may lead to hair being lost; this is a problem that both men and women will suffer from. However it is different from men when they lose their hair. Women's body may produce too many androgens. Androgens have been shown to interfere in the growth of hair.

As too much is produced in a women's body it may actually shrink the follicles and close them off. Causing the follicle to die eventually. This condition may be called alopecia. Or that was thought to be the cause for years for women and hair loss.

Now after many years of study they see that it was wrong, there are other enzymes at work in a women's body that may lead to what is now termed as simply. Women's patter hair loss. Those enzymes may block the growth of new hair.

Another problem that will at times be causes of female hair loss is that of polycystic ovary syndrome. PCOS may have many symptoms to it, but in some women the only symptom they will see is the loss of their hair.

While there are many other symptoms that PCOS suffers can have, some women are only affected in that one way. Alopecia areata is another problem where a woman can suffer the loss of hair, but in patches or clumps.

If women's thyroids become underactive she may suffer from hair loss. The same is when the thyroids also become overactive. Such problems as anemia may even lead to causes of female hair loss.

Thyroids that are overactive or underactive may produce hair loss in women too. While suffering from certain disease like anemia may be a reason women suffer from hair loss.

In order for the correct treatment to be used, the underlying cause of female hair loss must be found. Without that a doctor will not be able to help out the problem, or they may treat it wrongly. So make sure you check with your doctor if you suffer from hair loss.

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