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Important Facts About Hair Follicles You Need to Know To Stop Thinning Hair
by Cliff Nichols

Simply by finding out why your hair is thinning and falling out can help you take action to counter this problem. Losing your hair does not have to happen. Here are some tips you can use to keep your hair and stop the hair from falling out.

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Three reasons this might be happening are:

When the hair follicles are clogged, this can prevent hair from growing naturally.

Not getting enough nutrients it needs to grow and stay healthy.

Not enough blood flow to the scalp.

Hair follicles can become trapped preventing them to come to the surface stopping the hair from growing. This much like the way acne will form, by clogged pores that buildup with excess sebum and bacteria with no place to go. The end result will be what you see as a pimple. With you hair follicle being clogged over a period of time, your scalp will become smooth causing thinning hair or baldness.

Finding out the reason for your hair follicle to become clogged is important. Once you find out the reason, you can avoid it and make the changes necessary to stop the process.

Reasons for clogged hair follicles.

Too much testosterone in your blood will then convert to DHT, causing the follicles to become clogged.

Using conditioners, styling gels and shampoos that are chemically loaded will stay on the hair and scalp and at some point can get trapped.

A hard material from too much sebum being released, mixing together with flakiness from the scalp can build up and clog your hair follicles.

To avoid the build up DHT, there are several shampoos you can use that will help dissolve the DHT. This will allow your pores to stay open and continue to grow your hair at a normal rate.

Taking the prescription drug Propecia can help the re-growth of hair by blocking the body's conversion of testosterone to DHT. You can easily find this medication most affordable from online pharmacies.

Avoid using chemical loaded shampoos and conditioners.

When buying your shampoos and conditioners make sure you take note of the ingredients. Many of these products will contain the harsh chemicals, dyes and preservatives that cause damage to your hair and scalp.

Along with being harmful to your scalp and hair, these chemically loaded products can from long term use, cause harm to your body, such as your liver and other organs.

To assure the health and grow of your hair, look for natural hair care products that contain nutrients that it needs to grow naturally.

One can have oily hair or dry hair.

Having oily hair is attributed to the hair follicle releasing too much sebum and building up on the scalp. It then gets mixed with the chemical buildup from the shampoo, dirt and dead scalp cells. Using a natural shampoo can help to avoid this problem.

To help keep your scalp clean, try using a little jojoba oil mixed with aloe Vera. Keeping the scalp clean will open the hair follicles.

Stimulation of the scalp to get the blood flowing is vitally important. Your hair will grow naturally, as it will help keep the follicle alive.

Try these simply effective remedies to keep your hair shiny and healthy and to prevent further hair loss.

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