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Is There Really A Baldness Cure With Circulation
by John Farikani

There have been studies in labs that have shown that you can treat your hair loss by a baldness cure with circulation improvement. Although it may sound a little off, it isn't so when you understand the life cycle of a strand of hair. Furthermore, understanding male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness will also help.

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It doesn't matter whether you're a man or a woman, hair loss is painful. But
each gender loses their hair in a different way. Women rarely lose their hair at the
top of their heads in the form of a bald spot. Nor does their hair line recede, as it does in some males.

Also, knowing the difference stages or phases in a hair's life cycle can also help you understand balding better. For one thing, hair grows in a pattern. First it grows, then it ends, and then it falls out. Soon after, the follicle will produce a new hair, unless something interferes with its cycle.

The interference stems from DHT. This particular substance is developed in the body and travels to the hair follicles, attaching itself to them. This hinders any blood supply to the follicle. Thus, it makes it difficult and almost impossible for them to produce
new hair.

DHT is controlled by a product known as minoxidil. On its own, it has been shown to effectively treat baldness and some people. Combined with other treatments as well as supplements, has shown more promising results in more people.

As an example, minoxidil is used in conjunction with a baldness cure with circulation improvement. Here, subjects are encouraged to improve their diet with specific foods that help to improve the circulation. Once the circulation is improved, more blood supply can reach the follicles. Such foods include but are not limited to, spinach, whole grains, lentils, to name but a few.

You can encourage regrowth of hair, and improve the chances of retaining the existing hair by trying the various recommendations and by being diligent. With tens of millions of people suffering from hair loss, there is a great deal of research going into it find the proper treatments.

If you neglect to eat right you may be decreasing your chances of any re growth of hair. The fact is that scientists have studied the issue and have since proved their case. Furthermore, they have millions of people who have used the proper diet along with the products and now to continue to have hair. The most important thing you can learn about all of this is how quickly you have to move on treating your problem.

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