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The Effectiveness Of Using Natural Remedies To Prevent Or Reverse The Causes Of Balding In Women
by John Farikani

Men are certainly not the only ones that have to deal with thinning hair and baldness. Hair loss can also occur in women. There are a number of different causes of balding in women. Some of those reasons might be hormonal. Others might be because of mineral deficiencies. In some cases, it is possible for thinning hair or baldness to be reversed. Every situation is different.

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Although men are more likely to be afflicted by baldness, there are an estimated 30 million women in the United States that are dealing with hair loss issues as well. It is important to note that women usually do not see bald spots as often as men do, what they notice is the gradual thinning of the hair over a period of time. But with a little bit of research it might be possible to reverse the process.

One of the main causes of baldness for women is a hormonal imbalance. However, that is a relatively easy pattern to reverse. It is an interesting fact that the same hormone that causes male pattern baldness also contributes to thinning hair or hair loss in women. A hormone called DHT or dihydrotestosterone that runs through the blood stream is what actually damages the hair follicle. It is a by product of testosterone, which is a hormone that is present in both men and women.

Another one of the many causes of baldness in women is a vitamin or mineral deficiency. It is a well known fact that the B vitamins, along with zinc and magnesium enhance healthy hair. Eating a balanced diet and taking supplements that have those ingredients can lead to thicker, fuller hair and help guard against thinning hair.

There are now supplements and topical creams available that contain natural ingredients. What these ingredients do is actually block the formation of DHT, so that it cannot damage the hair follicle. This allows the hair follicle to keep growing. Taking an all natural supplement twice a day and applying a topical cream to the affected areas once a day can lead to thicker hair.

For women dealing with hormonally related hair loss, help is available in the form of natural supplements. However, just like the gradual process of hair loss, hair re-growth also takes some time. But rest assured that using all natural ingredients can often bring about the desired results.

Although there are a number of causes of balding in women, people should be aware of the fact that it can be reversed in some situations. Natural remedies that contain Saw Palmetto, zinc and magnesium might be able to provide help. It is possible for both men and women to win the battle against thinning hair.

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