---------How to Earn a Million Dollars as an Affiliate Marketer

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How to Earn a Million Dollars as an
Affiliate Marketer

People ask me all the time...

"Dale if you were stating today and you wanted to become a millionaire, what would you do?"

At this particular point and time, that is easy, because it is what I am currently doing (affiliate marketing), and you probably don't know anything about it. But before we get to that, my answer during my first 10 years in business would be...

  - I should have joined Herbalife when 
    they started.
  - I should have gotten in on the
    frontend of A.L. Williams.

(I had a chance to join both of these companies when they first started.)

Then I would say, "I probably would study real estate investing, because I have met more BOZO'S who have become wealthy in real estate than any other niche."

Please understand, for me, it was never about becoming a millionaire.  It was about making a comfortable living and not having a boss.

One of the challenges for me is that I have never put enough emphasis on the money, the profit, which is probably common for a lot of people that get caught up in and love the culture of network marketing. The two greatest benefits in network marketing (to me) are the personal growth and the friendships you develop.

I have witnessed a lot of network marketers who get so focused on the money, that they miss the personal growth and the friendships, and that is very sad to me.

Then there are those like me who see profit only as a way to "keep score" and gage as to how many people you have inspired or helped. Fully understand that your income is in direct proportion to the number of people you help!

Ok, back to my original thought....

What would I do today, if I was starting over and wanted to make

If I Was Starting Over And Had To Make a Million

Please understand that I have investigated just about every hot business model that has come down the pike over the past 20 years.

MLM (multi-level marketing) is my passion and my expertise. I don't believe that there is anyone in the world that can provide network marketers the success systems that I can. I guess I better believe that if I am going to be in the consulting, training, and seminar business.

However I consider myself an
"Entrepreneur Mind" more than
anything. I have looked at dozens of business opportunities over the years... Shrimp Farming, Real Estate, Buying and Selling Notes, Ostrich Farms, Direct Response Advertising, Infomercial Marketing -- you name it, I probably have a course on it.

I have spend tens of thousands of dollars every year on personal education. In the last couple of months I have purchased 3 courses on a subject that I find fascinating. I spent $2,000 for 1 course, $997.00 for another. I also joined a membership site where I pay $97.00 a month.

I have made $1,600.00 my first 7 days with this business model (affiliate marketing) just playing around. I really don't have a clue what I am doing, but I am learning.

I have to be honest, it is like a big game for me, and I am enjoying it. I don't have a real passion for it like I do MLM, so I have a partner that is going through the courses with me and will ultimately run that business.

However, I believe a person like me, or you, with no real education or knowledge on the subject can start from scratch and earn a million dollars in annual income as an affiliate marketer. In fact, I know they can. It has nothing to do with MLM and is a business model you probably don't know anything about, or ever heard of. Instead of trying to explain, it all, I would just suggest that you check out the videos on this website:


This is one of the best sales letters I have ever seen and the content on the videos will definitely help you see the million dollar potential of this business model - affiliate marketing.

So, if I was starting today from scratch and wanted to make a million dollars, what would I do? You will find the answer right here:


You should visit this site, if only just to experience the videos and the sales process. It is definitely one of the Top 5 "Designed to Sell" sites I have ever seen. So I warn you in advance, you will probably want to become a member. I definitely joined immediately.

In fact I wish I had found this site BEFORE I invested 3 grand on the other two courses!

Copyright Dale Calvert. All rights reserved.

Dale Calvert has been involved in the Network marketing industry since the age of 20. Dale’s rags to riches success story has been featured in every industry publication. He also has shared with the MLM world his special insight into the industry in countless number of articles which he has written. To learn more about Dales story and philosophy of Network Marketing Success, visit MLMHelp.com

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