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Your Affiliate Link and Affiliate Marketing

After an affiliate marketer chooses a product to promote, he is given a unique website link (URL) called an “affiliate link”. Coded within this link, the unique identity of an affiliate marketer is attached and ensures payment when a sales is made by someone clicking on his link.

The affiliate marketer is required to promote this affiliate link as much as he can. For this purpose, websites, forums, blogs, newsletters, and many other methods are used. Whenever a visitor clicks on an affiliate link to go to the merchant’s website and then makes a purchase, the affiliate is credited and earns a percentage of the sale price.

This means that if someone looks at your affiliate link and removes your affiliate ID from that link and proceeds to the merchant's site to purchase products, you will not be credited for the sale. The reason is that merchant will not be able to know which affiliate sent this buyer. The only way to get credited is if the site visitor uses the complete affiliate link including the affiliate ID.

Usually the affiliate link is in this form (or something SIMILAR):

In this URL there are two parts:


It is the basic link to the merchant website.

b)  ?aff_id=someidlike123

It is the unique affiliate id of the affiliate marketer.

(The ?aff_id= portion in this example is a connecting piece of code).

Your Affiliate Link and Affiliate Marketing


You can see in the above example that it is really very easy to remove the trailing affiliate id from the affiliate link. Anyone can remove your affiliate id and visit the merchant website to purchase. When this happens, you lose the commission that was rightfully yours. This is a problem for the affiliate marketer.

How to Resolve This Issue

There is a solution for this issue. You can hide your affiliate ID in the affiliate URL in a way that it cannot be stripped off. 

One simple way is to convert your entire affiliate URL into a shorter URL that HIDES the affiliate ID by using the free service at

Another way can only be done if you are using your own website hosting. Just follow the following steps to do this:

- Using your file manager, make a new HTML file. In this file, enter the coding from this website:

- After entering (or copy/pasting) the code from the above mentioned website, SAVE your file with an HTML extension. NAME this file relevant to the product you are promoting.

- Now when someone types your personalized web address (URL), the code in the HTML file will show them your affiliate link in such a way that they will not be able to edit it. They will not know that the link they are clicking is an affiliate link.

But if someone still does not want to use a link with an affiliate ID, he can do that by deleting their computer's cookie files and changing some internal files. But the chances of this act are less likely, as most people don’t have much time. And it is not giving them any loss if they are using your affiliate ID to purchase something on the internet.


An affiliate URL is the link that is promoted by the affiliates to generate their affiliate revenue. This URL contains their affiliate ID to identify them.

Don’t use the plain and simple affiliate URL the merchant provides you with, because it will be really easy for anyone to remove your ID and make a purchase. If this happens, you will not collect your commission.

The solution to this is to hide your affiliate ID in your affiliate URL so that it cannot be easily removed....


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