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Article Marketing 101
by Justin Harrison

Marketing articles involves creating and publishing articles on the Internet with the goal of exposing your company as reputable, knowledgeable, and to improve your listing in search engines.

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Turn Words Into Traffic with Article Marketing

If this approach is chosen for an advertising campaign, a sound marketing strategy is a critical success factor. Some of things to be considered include the purpose behind using articles in marketing the business, identifying the author to write the articles, creating an effective resource box to distribute the information and determining the location for the articles once written.

Article marketing generally has a single main objective: to bring in traffic to a designated website. You should write a variety of high quality articles to achieve this goal. Your traffic will not improve from a few, one or two, simple articles. Instead, you will need to put in a lot of effort in writing, or commissioning, a constant series of articles.

Provided you have the time and inclination, training to write articles can add an important skill. Contrary to popular belief, one can become skilled at writing articles through training unlike the need to have real talent needed to write a best-seller. It is critical to select a subject that you understand and that is related to your business.

By writing an engaging, intelligent and brief article you can prove yourself to be a top member of your profession. Skip the obvious advertising of your product, as it
can be a real deterrent to readers, and instead just present pertinent facts on a
related topic

Either should be able to write the articles yourself or you need to hire a freelance writer to do the job. But before giving him any details make sure that he is proficient in article writing and will give you his original work.

In your marketing strategy development, the final step is to decide where your articles should be published. You can target your ideal demographic by using blogs, websites and social networks which are related to your product or service.

Marketing articles can be an excellent method because a good article could be copied many times on the Internet and each time it is copied the number of links to your site increases.

About the Author:  Justin Harrison is a leading Internet Marketing consultant responsible for the Internet Marketing strategies behind some of the biggest online brands including Amazon, BBC, MasterCard and many others.
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