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Article Titles 101
by Mike Wong

Article marketing is one of the best ways to get visitors to your pages. There are several high quality article directories that you can submit to that will get you good quality backlinks. So how do you get these surfers to take a look at your article? By catching their eye with a great headline.

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Turn Words Into Traffic with Article Marketing

The article title is the first thing a visitor sees from your article. A great article title will contain your keywords and be catchy enough that a visitor can't wait to click and read what you have to say in your article. A fresh and interesting headline will stand out among a set of other boring article titles.

They are many ways to write good article headlines. Article marketers have tried them all and some are more effective than others. Here are 3 of my favorites:

The "Coming at you" title. This type of title smacks the reader in his face and makes them read the rest of your article. A good example of this kind of title might be something like "You'll Never Start Making Money Online Until You Start Using
Magic Article Submitter".

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The Shock And Awe title. This type of title tugs on a visitor's emotions and tries to get a reaction out of them. After such a title, there's no way the reader won't continue reading on. It is important that your headline be very positive or very negative emotionally. Both ways do the job.

The "Question" title. Using this type of title, you ask a question to the reader and try to arouse their curiosity. Here is a good example of this title type, "Do You Know The Top 3 Methods To Drive Traffic To Your Sites That The Experts Will Never Ever Reveal?" No reader will be able to resist reading your article after that headline

I hope you understand how essential it is to write a great headline for your articles. Just spend a few more minutes to come up with good article titles and you will definitely start to see immediate results. You'll be glad you took the time.

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