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Discover How To Make Money With Article Marketing
by Timothy Lynard

Many people have heard that making money on the internet through article marketing is easy. While that may have been true ten years ago, now it is a highly a competitive method of advertising. Which brings us to the question: can a person still make money through article marketing? Answer: Absolutely! It may not be as easy as it once was but with the right knowledge and desire to success, it is possible to make money through article marketing.

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Turn Words Into Traffic with Article Marketing

Article marketing can thrust your website to being a profitable venture within a short amount of time. Think of this for a moment: Media publications pay huge prices for advertising in print. Brick and mortar businesses use this type of advertising in the real world. Product reviews, press releases and display ads all use this advertising method. The big difference is the price. Consider it first class advertising without the cost and you will understand its power.

Writing unique articles is a way to generate a lot traffic to your website. Webmasters have known this secret for years which is why they are so successful. Using articles for marketing your website is the best way to generate a large amount of traffic and income.

Diversifying ways to drive traffic to your website is not easy. Just one of many ways is through article submissions to a large amount of article directories. Many of them will post them on their websites making them available to other webmasters for them to post on their sites. That process will go on indefinitely building many back links to your website which in turn brings a lot of traffic to your site.

The power of this lies in the resource box you create to insert at the bottom of your articles. The resource box is the most important part of the article and should be a well thought out, keyword-rich mini ad that will cause people to click through to your site. People who are searching for something on the web will enter certain keywords into the search engines and, if you have enough articles circulating you will quickly hit the coveted top-ten list in the search engines for your keywords.

Don't let the thought of writing articles intimidate you as you can always outsource them to a ghostwriter. Many web entrepreneurs do this. The key to success when using article marketing lies in the quality of the articles, the timeliness and relevancy of the articles and the quantity of the articles. The more articles you have in circulation, the more success you will experience and you will be one of the Internet marketers who can say truthfully you have learned how to make money with your website through article marketing.

About the Author:  Learn more about Article Marketing. Stop by Timothy Lynard's website where you can get your hands on the latest Article Marketing Information and see for yourself what it can do for you.
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