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The Secrets to Unlimited Traffic - Viral Marketing Techniques
by Veronica Carrillo

The efficiency of viral marketing techniques has long been acknowledged. A large number of methods may be used to pass along a viral marketing message. One such viral technique is article marketing.

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Turn Words Into Traffic with Article Marketing

Viral marketing techniques are just as effective as any of countless other internet marketing strategies, but cost a considerable amount less, making them appealing to not only large corporations, but smaller businesses as well. Viral marketing techniques are not a secret these days, and their efficiency has long been acknowledged. A large number of techniques may be used to pass along a viral marketing message. Viral marketing techniques are more cost-effective than radio, print or TV advertisements. By understanding your industry, business, and market you can create customized viral campaigns to effectively promote your product. I am going to go over a couple of guidelines to adhere to when launching a new viral campaign.

Article marketing research: We will assume that you have a particular niche that is in demand. You now want to target an audience relative to your product or service. Consider the following before you write your article. Audience demographics. Their problems or needs. The solution or benefit your product or service offers. The action they should take. Information about yourself, your company, contact information, etc.

Article construction: This article will not deal with how to write an article. That information is available through an online search or an article directory help and support section. You must know though, the points above, before you can effectively utilize an article marketing strategy. The organization and clarity of all components is critical. Your author biography or resource must include a destination link to the website you are promoting. This should be a clearly defined path directly to your site or an information destination that will lead to your site. A word to the wise is to keep everything informational. Some directories have very strict guidelines and many potential customers will reject an immediate hard sell.

Article marketing automation: Opinions differ considerably concerning automation tools. Article writing software tools may be helpful. You should expect to do considerable editing though to ensure a quality article. Original article content is always best. Who should know your market and product better than you? Additional content may be obtained for your articles from article directories but make sure to observe all terms before you use. Never plagiarize! Submission tools are not really necessary. Manual submission to the top article directories will be sufficient. Search Alexa article directory ranking for lists of top directories.

Another great benefit of viral marketing is helping email marketers overcome the challenges of safe and acceptable email advertising and can help you get very quick results. Again, more traffic to your website means more people on your newsletter. Numbers are key to becoming successful online. The traditional techniques applied to divert traffic to a particular website are no doubt very effective.

Article promotion: Once your article is approved by an article directory, promote it on any of your appropriate blogs or websites. Many directories have widgets and RSS feeds that you can make available in as many locations as possible. Social media is also a good platform to promote your articles, as well as forums. Many people will appreciate an article over a hard sell ad.

Summary: These are just a few basic insights to help you understand the value and potential of using an article marketing strategy for free website promotion. The best way to start is just to start. As you write you will improve, as you improve, you will see greater results.

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