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Adding Up the Cost: Does Inclusive Travel Save
You Money?

Not only will inclusive travel deals save you money
(most of the time) but they will also save you time and stress, leaving you with nothing to do but enjoy your travel adventure.

There are many types of all inclusive packages and the trick is to figure out just what they do include. Every person is different and has separate needs for their travel plans, but inclusive travel plans are so varied these days that most people can be catered for.

Once you know how you want to travel and where, what type of accommodation you want to stay in and what attractions you want to visit, it’s relatively easy to get it all put in to a package deal. Let someone else do all the leg work in finding great deals for you. 

A travel agent is probably the best place to start to get a great package deal. Yes, they will charge a service fee but using all their knowledge and experience, they can prepare your travel package right down to the last detail. They will take care of all your worries and they have the benefit of using their buying power to get you excellent deals and packaging them all together.

All inclusive travel is popular with families. It takes a lot of hassle out of organizing the holiday. Resorts offer all inclusive packages, as do cruises. Once again you need to check, before you go, what the package does not include.

For example, resort packages do not include the cost of some activities such as motorized water sports, golf, horse-riding and fishing charters. Childcare in some places is an extra cost. If you take a cruise package expect to pay for alcohol and day trips around shore stops.

Some inclusive package deals offer things like ‘Kids Stay for Free’ or even better ‘Kids Stay and Eat for Free.’ Remember to check exactly what these claims mean. If it says they stay for free, that’s all they get for free. You still have to pay for airfare and food for your little ones. And it may mean they only get free lodging if they share the parents’ room.

Buying a package all ready put together can mean big savings. But remember, taking a package deal might not get you to all the places you want to visit. It may not take you off the tourist track but leave you permanently stuck on it. If this is not what you’re after, then perhaps a package deal is not for you.

For some people, half the fun of traveling is planning the trip themselves. You may be able to organize your travel plans for a cheaper deal and you may have the time to do it. For those of you that don’t have the time and want all the worry taken out of organizing your trip, buy a holiday package deal....

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