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Travel For Pennies On The Dollar For More Dollars
In Your Pocket!
by Randy Steagall

Traveling the world has never been a cheap exercise but for the people who want to do this, even if they don't have the means, they find a way.
Travel for pennies on the dollar is therefore not easy but it is achievable. There are many methods to explore, and this is actually part of the fun of planning world travel.

Time share has made more high quality, yet affordable accommodation options available to world travelers. If you compare what time share costs to what a hotel stay costs, this is value for money which can't be beaten, or can it?

For example if you own a time share and you want to exchange it for a week in lets say Malaysia. You will more than likely have to book way ahead of time to get the resort you want, but the costs (these are approximations) will be around $90 for the exchange membership, $600 for you annual maintenance fees etc, and around $200 for the actual exchange. This essentially means you will get a week in Malaysia for approximately $890.

But what about considering a different kind of exchange, a home exchange? Think, luxury accommodations in France, Italy, Malaysia, Scotland, Ireland, Rio de Janeiro for four weeks, and what do you think that would cost? A big fat zero, that what, and more families and couples are doing this by becoming members of home swap sites.

As far as saving money and travel for pennies on the dollar, you don't get better than this. It is appropriate for families who like to travel together and take long holidays or short, and you will always find somewhere different and beautiful where you can spend two weeks, or the entire summer exploring. Trading lives is becoming more popular all the time.

Free is great and as added incentive to travel, frequent flier miles are a great way to get free travel, or at least one or two tickets paid for. There are some great programs for earning frequent flying mile, find out as much as you can about these, they also help you travel for pennies on the dollar.

For vacation savers, free stuff can't be beaten, and when you are traveling to another city, research where you can go and what you can do for free. For example London, and in fact the whole of the UK, there is a lot of free things to do and see. London is perfect, it is central and there are many free attractions.

Finding free entertainment on top of you free accommodation and one or two free air tickets, makes your stay even better. Stretching your budget is the name of the game, and it means you get to eat out more, maybe even shop more.

Someone said that a penny saved is a penny earned and in London (in fact the entire UK) you can visit museums, art galleries, events at tourism centers, country fairs, world heritage sites and all sorts for free. The London Museum of Natural History is a case in point, you can spend more than just one rainy day exploring the hallowed halls of this place of learning and still not see everything or get bored.

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