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Where are the Cheapest Accommodations?

As long as you are prepared to do your homework, you’ll find cheap accommodation wherever you want to travel.
It just depends if you are looking for a five star resort or a budget place to lay your head after a long day of traveling as to what you will find in the line of ‘cheap’ accommodation.
Obviously the less home comforts you want for your stay, the cheaper it will be for you. If you are a keen camper, you will know that this is the cheapest type of accommodation, but even campsites will vary in cost and what they offer. And for a lot of people, camping is not appealing. 


If you are a backpacker, you will probably be looking at hostels. You will want to know what your chosen hostel will offer for the price (does it include meals or transport) and how convenient it is for you to get around the place you are exploring. You may even be able to work at the hostel to get your bed for free, or at least at a discounted rate.


And for those of you looking for family deals you will need to know not only the cost of the accommodation but how many heads are allowed in each room. Families with more than four people may find this hampers their selection of places to stay, regardless of cost.


Don’t forget to ask about weekly rate or if there are any weekend specials going. There may also be special member deals through clubs, associations or even from your employer.


There are many websites which will help you get good deals on accommodation. You can be specific about the style of lodging you want (resort, hotel, motel, hostel, campsites etc). You will find a number of them offer very good deals if you are booking within two weeks of traveling. Hotels, all want to fill their rooms well before each day of arrival so if they have rooms available within the two weeks, some will drop their prices to ensure a full house.


Some package tours include accommodation which may be at a discounted rate. Check out the normal rate of these rooms to ensure you are getting a good deal. You may even consider looking for private accommodation through real estate agents. Some people rent out their own homes during peak seasons and go on holidays themselves.


Have you ever heard of ‘house-swapping’? This is a popular way of getting cheap lodgings while traveling. You swap your house with someone from the same country or from abroad and you go stay in their place while they live in yours for the duration of your trip. There are house-swapping sites to join so you can check out exactly the type of accommodation you are likely to get. 


Another form of cheap accommodation similar to house-swapping is ‘house-sitting’ where you live in someone else’s house, look after their garden and feed their pets while they are on holidays. This way you can get very cheap accommodation (in fact, free) while experiencing a different city or even country.


It’s preferable to travel in pairs or fours to get good accommodation deals. Rooms are usually charged on a per night basis twin share. So if there are two of you, cut the cost in half. 


If you are really lucky, you might be traveling somewhere to visit friends or family. Then your accommodation is free! However that style of ‘cheap’ accommodation does have its drawbacks and can take away from the adventure of it all.


Finding cheap accommodation is relatively easy. You just need time, a good search engine and an idea of what you want to spend and how you want to spend it. If you don’t care about the star rating of your hotel, when all you want is just a place to lay your head, then book the cheapest bed you can find.


Save your money for the cultural experiences of your trip. For those of you where comfort is a must, still look around – it’s amazing what good cheap deals can be found if you are willing to invest a little time in your search....

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