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Decorating Tips for a Stunning Christmas Tree

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Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays of all time, and the Christmas tree is a symbol of the season.

Whether you have a live, fresh-cut Christmas tree each year or an artificial Christmas tree, there are some things you can do to be sure your tree looks and stays beautiful throughout the entire holiday season.

First and foremost, if you do have a fresh-cut tree, it's very important to be sure it has plenty of water.

Saw off the bottom edge of the stump of a fresh-cut tree and set it in water immediately. A fresh-cut tree will absorb several quarts of water right from the start, so it's important to check and refill the water level several times a day for the first week.

You can cut down on frequency later. Just be sure to place your Christmas tree in a stand that has a large water reservoir and keep it filled.

Prolong the life of your Christmas tree by mixing up a concoction of 1 quart water, 1/2 cup light corn syrup, and 1 teaspoon liquid bleach.

Fir trees tend to absorb or need lots of water on a daily basis, so check your tree stand's water reservoir regularly to avoid the needles from drying out and falling off the tree branches.

If you're using garland to decorate the tree, there is a certain order that should be followed so that it looks correct and not cluttered.

-- Always put the lights on the tree first.

Whether you love the tiny twinkle type of lights the best, or the kind with larger, more old-fashioned (but much cooler these days) bulbs, the lights are really what makes a Christmas tree MAGICAL.

I love the new LED Christmas lights  that have come out because they are SO vividly bright with such beautiful jewel tones!

Since lights have wire, you want to put them on first so other items can cover them.

When putting on lights, start at the base or bottom of the tree and work your way up -- OR, start at the top and work your way down. (Just don't start somewhere in the middle!) 

Try to work them from inside out, putting some lights near the trunk and then string them outward towards the branch tips.

-- Next add Christmas tree garland and/or silver icicle hanging tinsel.

-- The Christmas tree ornaments should go on last, since this is what you really want to be prominently displayed.

Everyone usually has a variety of different ornaments that they like to use. Start by arranging the "filler ornaments" evenly spaced around the tree. These would include basic solid color balls that are easily found at discount stores in a wide range of colors to coordinate and enhance your decorating scheme.

You'll need about 20 "filler ornaments" for every 2 feet of Christmas tree.

You don't want too many red or green ornaments too close together, while all of your figurine or keepsake ornaments are too close or hidden.

Also, place some of the ornaments and other decorations "inside" your tree to add depth and interest, rather than hanging ALL your ornament on the tips of the branches.

Mix one-of-a-kind special ornaments between the basic ornaments. Plan to use at least 10 special themed ornaments for every 2 feet of tree. As your collection grows, put the special ornaments closer together.

How you place them is up to you, but try tomake it look even and neat, and you will have a STUNNING Christmas tree not only this year, but for many years to come....

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Do You and Santa Look Too Much Alike This Year?

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