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Gifts for Bakers: Bakers' Clothing

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Every chef needs certain attire to wear in the kitchen – whether it’s on the home front or in a professional restaurant. It’s sometimes enough to get a cute apron for them to wear, but some bakers prefer a more formal look.

There are all sorts of baker’s clothing and accessory items you can give as gifts for the person who likes to cook. There are some items that are obviously meant for a restaurant kitchen, and some appropriate for home use.

A professional chef wants cookware that looks crisp and clean, and is cool enough to prevent extreme unpleasantness in a hot environment. They’ll often get suited up from head to toe.

Start with a comfortable pair of shoes – something that won’t allow them to slip if there’s a spilled item on the floor of the kitchen. Pair that with socks that wick sweat away from the foot. Because a chef is on their feet for long periods of time, comfort is of utmost importance. 

Many chefs like to have durable pants that won’t stain whenever food is spilled or sloshed (or even wiped) directly onto them. It’s important that they’re comfortable, too. Many chefs opt for some form of natural fitting cargo pants or executive chef pants that are baggy in nature. 

A chef’s coat can be formal – made of a thick material, complete with long sleeves – or, it can be comfort-based and short sleeved, yet still professional in appearance. Some chefs won’t don a coat at all, opting instead of a utility cook shirt that allows for more breathing room.

The aprons they have now come in a wide range of styles and functionality. There are long aprons for chefs with pockets, and short aprons from the waist down that help prevent simple splashes onto clothing.

As for chef hats, there is also a variety to choose from. You don’t have to invest in the typical tall chef’s hat that you see on Chef Boy R Dee cans. Some are beanie style, with built in vents to prevent overheating. Some are half caps, and some are simple baseball caps. 

Chef attire generally comes in black and white, but form time to time you can find styles in a rainbow of colors – from vibrant red to chocolate brown. 

For home chefs, you can invest in kitchen attire they’ll appreciate. Aprons can be chosen to depict a certain style of the gift recipient. You can also invest in oven mitts and gloves that prevent cutting mishaps, like Kevlar knit gloves.

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Do You and Santa Look Too Much Alike This Year?

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