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Why Crafts Are Still A Wonderful Holiday Gift Idea

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The number one thing on everyone's mind leading up to the holidays is, “What on earth am I going to give away this year?” Most of us, when trying to figure out our holiday gift idea, first think of how much money we have, and what that money can buy. Others start to imagine all sorts of possibilities for what we can make to give our special someone(s) that may be cherished more than a store-bought item.

Needle workers enjoying sewing, embroidery, or other such needle arts. Depending on the occasion, they may choose something small, such as sewing napkins and potholders or cross-stitching a magnet or a small, simple picture or a key-chain. Embroidering a larger picture or sewing a cherished item like a handbag or bath robe are also great holiday gift ideas.

For those who knit or crochet, quick and inexpensive holiday gift ideas include, but are not limited to, winter hats, scarves, gloves, and/or mittens. A more time-consuming gift would be a poncho or slippers. However, for those who have the extra time and want to give a larger gift, afghans are the way to go. With all the different ways to incorporate color, texture, and different designs into an afghan, this gift is sure to be cherished for many years.

For those who are into woodworking, some ideas are creating small picture frames or carving a small statue of something their friend or family member would be quite fond of, such as fish, birds, or even a representation of themselves. Larger project ideas could be creating a headboard for a child's bed, a jewelry box, or even a spice rack for a cooking enthusiast.

Tangents of woodworking would be wood-burning and basket-weaving. Wood-burning may not seem like such a typical holiday gift project, but when someone receives their name or favorite saying as a sign to display, they realize how personal the gift truly is. And we all know that gift baskets are always a favorite when it comes to gift ideas -- but how many people can truly say that the basket itself was made specifically just for them?

One last crafting area is the painting arts, such as oil- and water-based canvas paintings. Having an art piece creating by an endearing friend is sure to be passed down in the family, and the painting will always be worth much more than any mere price tag due to the love put into it. Yet another painting art would be airbrushing. A popular gift idea is custom airbrushed T-shirts, and when one is created by someone you know, it feels even better when wearing it.

Taking the time to make something for someone else will always beat out anything that is merely purchased. It may not always appear that way at first but, over time, the gifts that leave the most lasting impressions are those made for us by those who loved us enough to make their very best holiday gift ideas just for us.

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Do You and Santa Look Too Much Alike This Year?

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