How to Write Effective Classified Ads

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How to Write Effective Classified Ads
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How to Write Effective Classified Ads


in your ad offer. Read it, edit it, and re-write it for a shorter, money saving effective ad. "Think small".

DO FOLLOW ALL THE RULES when writing your classified ad. Use these ideas:

     Attention     Interest     Desire     Action

DO USE A NAME with each classified ad, including your envelopes.

DO NOT CHARGE for sales letters or circulars.

DO BE HONEST with all your classified
ad claims.

DO IDENTIFY your product.

DO WRITE YOUR CLASSIFIED AD simple, clear and direct.

DO USE WORDS EVERYONE KNOWS and everyone will understand what you are saying.

DO USE A WORD that will benefit a reader.

DO NOT OVERPRICE your product.

DO ADVERTISE FREQUENTLY. Constant exposure creates a familiar offer with
better response.

DO OFFER A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE in your classified ad, salesletter or circular if possible. An excellent sales technique!

DO TEST YOUR AD in 2 or 3 smaller, low cost publications. Record results. Code each ad.

DO READ PUBLICATIONS that relate to your product. Write for ad rates, paid circulation, discounts and closing dates. Keep records.

DO HAVE ALL YOUR LITERATURE AND PRODUCTS ready for mailing when your ad appears in the publication of your choice. Do not delay in responding.

DO USE THE COPYCAT METHOD. Do what other successful advertisers are doing. Only with a slight twist, idea or offer.

DO RUN SEVERAL ADS worded differently. Keep records of results.

DON'T OVER ADVERTISE. It can be expensive. If you want to, do it gradually.

DON'T PRETEND YOU KNOW ALL THE ANSWERS. Because you don't. Take time to find out what you need to know.

DON'T TRUST YOUR MEMORY. A thought will leave you as quickly as it came. Always write down a good idea. NOW!

DON'T PLACE YOUR AD in the wrong classification.

DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY on ad words to amuse or entertain, but use words to persuade, inform and sell your product.

DO USE A SHORT BUSINESS NAME. Make it easy to pronounce and remember.


Motivation. Enthusiasm. Desire. Image. Creativity. Success!

DON'T GIVE UP. If your ad doesn't pull after a fair exposure, try re-writing it. One or two different words may do the trick.

DON'T SPEND THE PROFITS. Re-invest the money in more continuous advertising.

REMEMBER, an ad that offers "FREE DETAILS" means writing a sales letter or circular.

Check this out!

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