Laser Treatments and Dermabrasion to Help Cure Acne

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Laser Treatments and Dermabrasion to Help Cure Acne
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Laser Treatments and Dermabrasion to Help Cure Acne

There are many different acne treatments, designed to treat different types of acne. Mild forms of acne can often be treated by over-the-counter products and natural remedies, while more severe forms of acne require medical attention.

In recent years laser treatments have proven to be a faster, and sometimes more efficient means for treating many conditions. Acne is one of them.

Acne is rarely misdiagnosed, and is easy to
analyze. It can leave lasting scars, which are
more prevalent in forms of severe acne, while
those left with milder forms of the condition
are easier to treat.

One of the most successful treatment alternatives for treating acne scars is the use of lasers such as Erbium. Acne should be treated as early on in the course of the condition as possible, so as to prevent further scarring. This can also reduce the severity of the scarring.

One of the newest ways to treat active acne is with micro dermabrasion using aluminum hydroxide crystals. These crystals scrape the skin, removing the top layers. This serves to remove excess debris associated with acne. This type of treatment is not necessary or recommended with milder forms of acne, as it can be hard on the skin. However, this treatment has proven to be very effective in clearing up active acne.

This type of treatment is also used to clear acne on the back and chest. This can be helpful since back and chest acne is often more difficult to treat than facial acne.

Treating acne scarring requires a series of treatments before visible results are seen. Unfortunately, this treatment isn't very effective in treating deep scarring caused by severe or prolonged acne.

The downfall of micro dermabrasion treatment is that it is operator dependent. Over pealing the skin can lead to such side effects as hypo-pigmentation or scarring. So, in effect, if not done properly, the treatment you are using to clear up acne scarring could actually cause additional scarring.

Because of this, it is recommended it be done by a physician or qualified therapist who knows how to make it be effective without causing more damage to your skin.

Erbiuim laser treatment as a means of treating acne and the scars associated with it is painless, bloodless, gentle, and very effective.

The actual therapy is simple, fast, and accurate, and more severe scarring can be treated during several sittings if preferred.

Though the side effects of such lasting treatments are few, and may not occur, but they are still possible. Discuss this treatmet and its possible side effects with your doctor before deciding whether or not it will be the best treatment for you. Remember, there may be other options available that might be more highly recommended....

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