Hygiene Products and Your Acne

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Hygiene Products and Your Acne

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions and is prevalent among both teens and adults. There are many products available to treat acne, some of which are common to personal hygiene. The most common of these is soap. While many soaps, especially those that are scented, can irritate skin afflicted by acne, many hygiene products have been put on the market that are helpful in combating acne, and are economical
as well.

Soaps come in two forms, bar and liquid. Facial soaps and cleansers are those products designed to treat problem skin. They contain products that promote healing and prevention.

Acne cleansers are generally used to remove excess oil, dirt, and sweat from the surface of the skin. When this happens, it makes absorption of topical acne treatment easier. Topical products are those used on the surface of the skin to combat acne. Excessive cleansing with such products can dry and irritate the skin, therefore, making the acne worse, it is advised to only cleanse with these products once or twice a day.

There are different cleansers for different skin types. People with oily skin should use cleansers that rinse off well. This is so the excess oil common to oily skin will be properly removed, leaving the skin smooth. Both bar soaps and
liquid cleansers have been specially formulated for this purpose.

For dry skin, the use of hard-milled products and gentle cleansers are appropriate. You may wish to use synthetic detergents if you have this skin type. Such cleansers do not necessarily need to be used often, as they are sometimes stronger than other products.

Most people with normal skin can cleanse daily with bar soaps. Synthetic detergents do, however, react better to hard water.

If you have sensitive skin, you are more prone to react to fragrant products, and those with grains or scrubbing agents. Stay away from the use of such products. Instead, use gentle cleansers and be careful how hard you wash. Wipe, do not scrub when removing dirt and oil from your skin.

There are many gentle cleansers available for use for skin that is easily irritated or aggravated. There are also several types of acne cleansers appropriate for daily skin care that are available for purchase over-the-counter.

Oil-free and non-commodegenic products are usually advisable, as these do not
clog pores.

There are also cosmetics that have been developed to promote acne healing and daily prevention. Like many cleansers, many of these are oil-free and some contain a small amount of acne medication.

No matter what type of cleanser you choose, whether it is soap or a special cleanser especially developed to help combat acne, be careful in how you use it. Follow the directions on the bottle or box, and be sure not to over wash. You will be on your way to controlling your acne....

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