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Get Him Back Now And Get Him Back Forever
by Michele Walls

If the other one is significant enough, when you talk about getting him back you often mean "get him back forever." This can be easy or difficult to do depending on how badly you want it, how determined you are and whether you know the right way to go about it. While making up is easy, keeping him forever is something
for a gold medalist.

The first thing you should know is not to manipulate or use tricky tactics. That may work temporarily the first time but will probably make the next break up inevitable and worse. And most of the time, it becomes nearly impossible to patch things up again.

You need to be absolutely certain deep inside that you want to get him back forever. This means, waiting a while after your break-up to see if your feeling for him lasts. Analyze the relationship well. If you discover that you really do like him and that the interaction is worth giving another try then make your move.

To sustain a relationship you will need to be a decent, honesty and respectful person. Permanent relationships are built on things that seem dull to immature persons. That is why you need to have a mature outlook to be able to keep another person's affection. When you think you are ready, give him a call or a return call. You will know by his reaction if he still has feelings for you. Whether he eagerly accepts your call or hangs up, if you are mature enough, you will know whether to pursue it further.

If you do start communicating again, to
get him back forever, make it evident that you are working on your shortcomings and that you are willing to make allowances for his. Build confidence into your relationship. Get to know each other over again, this time being totally prepared to arrive at compromises to keep the relationship going. With that you can be confident things will last.


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