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  Moderate Retirement Gifts For Golfers
    by Rhys Jones

There is a commonly held belief that golf is the exclusive realm of rich entrepreneurs and businessmen. It is also still perceived as an excluding sport that is not easily accessible by regular blue collared employees. However, this is not really true any more as modernization and commercialization have brought these so-called exclusive sports into the reach of everyone.
This is because there is no need to acquire sophisticated equipment to play a game, so, unlike big game fishing and polo which require very costly resources like a boat or a horse respectively, golfers just require a set of golf clubs, which are reasonably affordable. With this in mind, retirement gifts for golfers and aspiring golfers can be easily thought of.

Making personalized retirement gifts for golfers is quite an easy task as you could easily personalize golfing equipment with things such as home made golf club pouches, and caddy covers. These can be made by knitting (that is if you are into knitting) or any other handicraft requiring other materials.

Another good idea is to think about golfing fashion by focusing on the apparel worn by golfers. You may even end up starting a new trend in golfing clothing by the use of your imagination regarding the design of the apparel for your retiree.

The most usual way of getting a retirement gift for golfers is to go to the nearest sports shop and get your retiree something they sell there. It may sound a bit impersonal, but then this may prove really useful, if the retiree is still a novice golfer. Perhaps you could get a book on golfing, a subscription to a golfing magazine or a box of personalized golf balls.

However, you could find out what your retiree golfer still needs, and perhaps also use your imagination to think about what methods you could use to enhance the golfing equipment the retiree may already have.

Commercially made golfing equipment is always a safe bet. If you want to make your retiree feel great, buy him or her a famous-name set of golf clubs, thereby making him feel like a professional.

You could even go to a joke shop and ask if they have any gags for the golfer there. They probably do, as golf is such a popular sport.

Gag gifts should be chosen quite carefully since they can raise sensitive issues for the retiree, especially if he is a novice golfer. Gags as gifts in relation to golfing can be taken the wrong way and put someone off, if they are upset by the idea implied by the gag or joke you gave them.

As for veteran players who are already well adapted to the game and other golfers' sense of humour, the gift of a good gag on their retirement day would be quite funny since they would already see golfing not only as a way to relieve stress, but also to actually have some fun in a competitive environment.

Retirement gifts for golfers are really just an easy way to help your golfer retiree friend enjoy life after his career has finished.

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