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   Newborn Baby Gifts - Where Fun and Practicality Works Best
     by Edie Mindell

Nowadays, when it comes to buying gifts, practicality is the number one concern. This practice even extends to buying baby gifts. This is brought about, in part, by the current financial condition. However, being practical can be quite daunting especially if you are torn between that cute and cuddly little toy and that baby towel.
So how should you go about it?

If you are going for baby toys
, one of the first considerations that you have to make is the safety and educational value. Of course, this would entail buying age-appropriate toys. You can skip those electronic baby toys especially of the gift is meant for a newborn. Keep in mind that newborn babies do not have yet refined muscle movement needed to operate electronic baby toys as well as the sharpness of sight to enjoy what these toys can do. Settle for simple toys that incorporate bright colors and sounds. It would be much better if these are toys that can move. One good example of this is the crib mobile. It is also a good idea to get toys that do not have small removable parts as these could pose a health hazard for your baby.

You can also try giving the new parents a mat for the baby's play area. This would come quite handy especially when the baby has already started crawling. It's also a perfect accompaniment to baby toys.

If you would like to give baby clothes as gifts, avoid buying too many of a kind. Remember, babies can grow so fast and they could outgrow their clothes in a matter of months. Take into consideration what clothes would fit both the current season as well as the next.
You might also want to buy clothes that are one size larger than the baby's current size. This will ensure that the baby gets to wear your gift far longer. If you would like something that is earth-friendly, you can opt for organic baby clothes. These are usually made from cotton and would not irritate your baby's skin.

Burp clothes, bibs and blankets can also make for good gifts. If you want your gift to be unique, you can have them personalized or included in a gift basket along with other baby items that the new parents would need such as baby powder, lotion, shampoo, and diaper cream. If you would like to go for baby diapers, you can present them as diaper cakes with a burp cloth or any baby clothing as a topper.

You can also consider giving gifts that are focused on making travel with baby a lot easier. This would include gifts in the form of diaper bags, car seats and baby stroller. However, you have to make sure that the parents to do not have these items yet.

Baby keepsakes also make for practical gifts especially for first-time parents. This could include picture frames as well as hand print kits.

If all else fails, or if you are not sure which baby gift to give, you can always consider giving gift certificates
. This way, it would be up to the parents to buy whatever baby item they are still in need of.

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