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   Valentine's Gift Ideas - What Girls Want
     by John Smith

On Valentine's Day, do you give your girl the perfect gift? It's that time of year when a guy needs to know what his girl wants for a present. It may be hard for a man to understand this, but a woman loves to receive romantic gifts on Valentine's Day.
Some women have told stories of disappointing Valentine's they have never forgotten. One woman said her husband gave her a razor. She was so miffed she didn't bother to ask him why. And then there are the stories about the chocolates that were so melted, they had to be eaten with a spoon; the low budget fur coat that the cat wouldn't stop licking; and the fishing trip for two for the totally NOT outdoorsy girl.

It's time to rescue all well-meaning guys. Here is your list of what women want and what women do NOT want:

Top Ten Valentine's Gift NO NOs

1. Appliances

Valentine's presents are often not utilitarian. Forget about electrical appliances like toasters, irons, washing machines, can openers, etc. Unless she asks for an appliance, that kind of gift doesn't make her eyes dazzle.

2. Cleaning materials

Valentine's gifts usually do not have work associated with them. Don't give her cleaning equipment such as mops, brooms, buckets, or vacuum cleaners, unless she has an obsessive compulsive cleaning disorder and you want to make her feel better about it.

3. Something YOU want

This Valentine's present is not for you. You're on notice to not give her something that you want, such as a camping weekend, two tickets to a football game, a drum set, a lawn mower, or - a trip to visit your parents.

4. Cheap perfume

Perfume as a Valentine's gift is a good try but you have to know what she likes and it has to smell expensive. Cheap perfume could give you both a headache from smelling it.

5. Very unattractive flannel lingerie

This gift doesn't go over too well unless you live in an Alaskan climate or she is REAL outdoorsy.

6. Cubic zirconium jewelry

Valentine's gifts need to be real. No plastic flowers; no fake diamonds.

7. Gift certificates

A gift certificate inserted in the Valentine to a weight loss program may find you without a valentine date. - She won't appreciate the hint. Gift vouchers show you didn't spend much time thinking about her present and lack sentimental value.

8. Anti-wrinkle cream

This Valentine's gift is not a good idea, even if it is called moisturizer. It's best to stay away from cosmetics as presents.

9. Clothes

Women love to buy their own clothes. It is pure pleasure. If you want, give her money for a shopping trip.

10. A re-gift

Giving her something that was given to you or your mother by someone else is loaded with potential danger.

What Girls WANT for Valentine's Day....

* Definitely a romantic card.

Fresh cut flowers like tulips rather than red roses. White roses with a red bow are also unique.

* A spa weekend, only for her or for the two of you. A weekend to be pampered is divine.

* A home-cooked meal. If you can cook well, a meal prepared by you could be very heart warming.

* Personalized poetry. Write her a poem and copy it onto nice paper 
and frame it. If you can't write poetry, choose one great poem from 
a poetry book you are giving her and hand write it.

Special jewelry. A beautiful piece of jewelry that she helps you buy or a piece from your mother's or your grandmother's collection.

* A meditation retreat, spiritual conference weekend, a cruise, or a weekend getaway to the beach or mountains.

* And - the old standbys, should any of these ideas not work: fresh flowers, 
dinner out, and a romantic book you can read together.

Valentine's gifts are about listening with care. If you have your antenna up, you'll remember that she likes dark chocolate candy, 
tulips and irises, the latest biography, and antique jewelry. Remember the above, because, ...this is what a girl wants.

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