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Halloween Gift Baskets

If you are considering something different for the autumn holidays, then you may want to consider Halloween gift baskets this year. These festive gift basket arrangements can be purchased already assembled, or you can make your own.

A unique hand-crafted Halloween gift basket such as this will be a hit with "kids" of ALL ages because it shows you really put your heart into it by taking extra time to be creative and think of clever items to include to make them happy.

Many people immediately think that a Halloween gift basket would be a huge, grand arrangement. This type of gift basket is commonly used as a present for special occasions. However, Halloween gift baskets can come in all sorts of sizes. You can make tiny ones for visiting neighborhood children or you can make a big display for a special family.

One family I have become very close to over the years does not celebrate the Halloween holiday. Instead, the family spends time playing games or they may go out to a movie instead. As the children became more and more aware of the festivities that they were missing I decided to make them Halloween gift baskets.

This project had to be approached very carefully because of the parents’ opposition to many of the themes of the Halloween holiday. Instead of constructing Halloween gift baskets in black and orange I decided to use red and white. I chose these colors for a specific theme.

Instead of making formal Halloween gift baskets, I made "night out at the movies" gift baskets. The items I chose included popcorn balls arranged in movie theater popcorn holders.

I added some of their favorite soda pops, as well as other several movie theater treats. Under all of the treats were nice, comfortable fall pajamas for each of the girls. I also made sure to include a fun movie in the Halloween gift baskets as well.

The girls were thrilled with the "night out at the movies" theme and they seemed to forget all about missing out on dressing up in costumes for the holiday when they found their pajamas.

Not everyone celebrates every holiday. I have made many Halloween gift baskets over the years of all shapes and sizes. The "night at the movies" gift baskets were just as much fun to make.

I had a great opportunity to share a little bit of the Halloween holiday spirit without celebrating the actual holiday and made a couple of little girls AND their parents very happy indeed....

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