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Getting More Traffic By Using Online Video

Publishing videos online has taken the internet by storm, it seems everyone has videos they want to share online, perhaps you have seen videos online, where at the end of the video you see a url pop up and they ask you to check out there website, using video for internet marketing is a great way to get new customers to your website.

You can find any type of information you are looking for online, and if you don't find it fast you quickly go on to the next page. When people use the search engines to find something, they will find thousands, even millions of search results; if they click on your link and go to your website, they will only spend a short time and decide if your website has what they are looking for, and they may take a few more seconds to look at your offer, then off they go to the next search result.

This is your only chance to get the attention of your potential customer, so you need to deliver a targeted message, fast by offering a fast, highly visual way to get their further attention and engage their interest.

You may be asking yourself, if I put up a video on my site about my product or even have a lot of different videos on your web pages that your sales will jump overnight? If this is your way of marketing with video on the web and hoping to get high conversion rate of traffic-to-sales, you will lean more towards getting disappointed than getting good news.

If you want to use video to market your products you need to know that there are a few rules to follow if you want to succeed in using video for your marketing efforts:

1. Publish Your Video Everywhere

When using a video as a effective marketing technique, it must be able to see by as many web users as possible. Keeping this in mind, just publishing your video on your own site is not enough. Let your video content be free and distributed to the majors video sharing websites such as YouTube and Google video so that not only others can watch and talk about it, but they can easily download it, redistribute it, if not even publish it directly on their own sites.

2. Make The Video File Small

Most people will only wait about 7 second for a website to load before clicking away to another site. If you page and video take more than 7 seconds to load, there is a good chance that your potential visitor will click away and not come back to your site. Hence, you need to make sure your video file is small enough, ideally less than 1 megabyte and load almost in real time to keep the interest of your visitors.

AVI is the most common video format, the file size can easily exist 10 megabytes for a short 2-3 minutes video; hence if you share your video in this format, you most probably will get a lot of visitors clicking away from your site because of long loading time of your video file. There for you have to convert your video to a smaller format like SWF.

3. Tell Your Visitors It's A Video

While many people will already know that the black box on your site is a video box, many people are not as savvy and have no idea what it is, which also means they won't play it. The best way to let people know it is a video is to simply tell them. Place a text box above the video and ask people to watch your short video below to get more information on your product.

Let your potential customers know that it is a short video. No one wants to sit through a 30 minute presentation on the history of your company; Concentrate you video on your products or services and get your message across in a few minutes, shorter is better.

Using the tips above will give you a great advantage above your customers, again don't just put up any old video, make sure the video is targeted to your website and website visitors, this will make your videos much more effective.

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