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Low Cost Leads Equals Duplication

Congratulations! You have just signed up your first person into your ground-breaking opportunity!

It took you a little while to convince him or her that starting a business does actually take them spending a little money. So they sucked it up, balanced their checkbook, and came up with the $25-$100 or more to join your company.

After providing you with a few excuses as to why they didn’t want to call their friends and family before they have success first, how easy do you think the next task of telling them they need to spend another $100 - $300 or more for leads will be?

They are out business before they even start!

The best thing you can do for your business, is have some inexpensive lead options available with a low sticker shock so that your new members will take the next crucial action step, exposing people to their business.

Besides the fact that a new person will need time and practice getting comfortable on the phone, you do not have to be calling $4/lead leads to find good people for your business.

I’m sure you are familiar with the saying, “Make up in numbers, what you lack in skill!” This is critical for your new members to understand, so they do not get frustrated and give themselves the time necessary to succeed.

Find a source of leads where you can get a good balance of quality leads for a good price. Leads that are slightly aged are a fantastic way for both the new members and veterans alike to get practice, sort through larger amounts of prospects and to find those superstars hidden in each lead batch.

When your new member is trained properly and has a few hundred calls under his or her belt, then start mixing in the more costly leads.

Do not forget, as your new member gets better on the phone, their leads will magically get better, regardless of the age or quality of the lead.


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