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Pointers For A Good Web Design

Easily, web designers could define the goal of web design. It is to make an appealing, yet functional website that will convince visitors of your website to take action. This involves placing together a web design with good graphics, easy navigation, logical layout and great content.

Content is an important part for a good web design. Thus, it is vital to put together contents with the correct grammar and spelling. These aspects will implement your capabilities. It is also important for a web design to be compatible with various browsers. The website design must operate properly with most widely used browsers. It would be better to stay away from exaggerated special effects that may not be supported in some browsers.

As most internet users are considered impatient and since studies have shown that people will click away if a webpage requires longer than 10 seconds to load, it is very important for your web design to have proper consideration when it comes to the graphics and photos. Be sure you optimize your photos and other graphics to ensure that it will not add to the slow loading of your page. Apply the ALT HTML tag so people with graphics turned off and those using hand held devices recognize what the picture is. Multimedia is also an necessary feature of web design. It is made up of flash movies, video clips, audio clips and background music. It is extremely recommended to use streaming media as it slims down download time. Also, do not forget the 10 second rule in adding multimedia.

Your web design should integrate navigability. Your site's navigation should be easy and intuitive. Recent studies have also found out that if visitors do not see what they want in 3 clicks, they will abandon a site. Thus, it is recommended that every important area of your website should be reachable within three clicks from anywhere else on the website.

With good sense and planning, your web design can be both useful and amusing to visitors.

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