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No Bungee Jumping Here

Ok, so I'm not bungee jumping, or hang gliding, or white water rafting, and yet I feel like I'm in the middle of such a great adventure!!! The downloads I've been getting over the last few months have been nothing short of amazing to me!

Compared to 18 mos. ago - when I started D.O. - I hardly recognize myself! In one of my phone sessions with Lola a while back, she told me that I needed to focus on getting happy first and that the other stuff will follow (very abbreviated version of how she said it).

It's taken a while for that to sink in, but now I'm really getting it. Things are flowing and I'm truly in that flow. I'm just enjoying feeling good and riding the wave. I often hear myself saying 'How can life get better than this?!' And of course the wild thing is that it can!

Raving is one of the best techniques in D.O. and I do a lot of it. I find myself so enamored with nature lately, as if someone turned up the dimmer switch on all the colors and smells. Before D.O. - I felt anxiety and depression about 75% of the time and felt good and happy about 25% of the time. Now, the numbers have completely reversed and in fact I feel great more like 80-90% of the time.

The diving in is getting easier, too - I find that I don't need to sit with the feelings for as long as I used to. They are just rising up the scale more fluidly.

A miraculous turn for me was when I recently caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and said 'boy, your weight has never been this high before' and directly after that I automatically said 'yeah, but I've never been this happy, either!'

I've let my weight issues sink me for a long time and have spent so much time focusing on what's wrong with me and my body. Now, I'm slowly but surely turning that around by raving about my miracle of a
body and by visualizing and dreaming about how great it's going to be when I'm at a healthier weight and more active.

I'm sending it all to the vortex and focusing on what's there instead of what's 'not' there! WHAT A RIDE!!! - Tasha :)



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