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Planning a Themed New Year's Eve Party


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Planning a Themed New Year's Eve Party

If you are planning a New Year's Eve party, you might also be considering having a specific theme for your party. While a theme is not a necessary part of a New Years Eve party (or any party), it can make any party a lot more fun and interesting.

Planning a themed New Years Eve party is a great deal of fun, but it is also significantly more complicated than planning a party without a theme just because there is more coordination involved in the planning process and in trying to ensure all of the elements of the party fit within the theme.

This article discusses the process of planning a New Year's Eve party with a theme and offers samples of appropriate themes and how they can be applied.

When planning a themed New Year's Eve party, the host has the option to incorporate the theme as much or as little as they wish. Examples of items which can be incorporated into the theme are invitations, decorations, food, beverages, music, entertainment, and even the guests’ attire.

Guests who attend the party have the option of fully taking advantage of the theme and dressing or acting in a particular character during the event or simply attending the party and enjoy the atmosphere, food, beverages, and entertainment provided by
the host.

Themes for New Year's Eve parties can be any theme the host selects and does not have to relate to the holiday at all.

One example of an unrelated theme is a Western theme. The host can set the theme by sending out cowboy-shaped invitations encouraging guests to dress appropriately for a country hoe down. Once the guests receive the invitation, they will have an understanding of the theme of the party.

If themed parties are not popular with your circle of friends, you might want to follow up the invitations with a personal call encouraging your guests to dress according to the theme and assuring them you will be dressing similarly.

In planning the entertainment for your party, you can consider hiring a country western band to perform. You might even hire a line dance instructor for an hour or two to offer group line dancing classes to the guests.

In incorporating the theme of the party in the decorations, you can purchase hay bales to place around the room and use colored handkerchiefs for napkins. The food at your party should also incorporate your theme.

If you are offering a sit-down dinner, chili is a good choice. Stew would also be a good option. If you plan to have appetizers, you can create theme-related appetizers by giving traditional appetizers unique names. You might refer to mini bagel pizzas as wagon wheels or mini egg rolls as hay bales. For beverages you can serve ice cold beer in
glass mugs.

An example of a more elegant theme for a New Year's Eve party might include a red carpet extravaganza where guests are encouraged to dress like their favorite movie star from any era. Alternately, the theme could be limited to a specific era with guests expected to dress like stars from the appropriate era.

This is a good idea for a New Year's Eve party theme because many guests like to dress in their most elegant clothing and this would give them the opportunity to dress to impress. The theme for a New Years Eve party with this theme might be an invitation in the shape of an elegant silver star inviting guests to join you on the red carpet for the premier of the New Year.

In decorating for this event, the host should include a red carpet in their entryway and may want to use a series of motion detected strobe lights to mimic the flashbulbs of paparazzi lining the red carpet of movie premiers. This will serve to immediately get the guests in the spirit of the party.

Entertainment for the party might include giving out New Year's Eve awards to the guests in a series of different categories and allowing guests to give a short speech as they receive their award....

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