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Throwing a Potluck New Year's Eve Party
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Throwing a Potluck New Year's Eve Party

If you are planning to host a New Year's Eve party this year, you might want to consider making the party a pot luck event. Most people consider potlucks for picnics and parties for other occasions but a potluck is rarely considered when throwing a New Years Eve party. 

However, there are a number of advantages to hosting this type of event.

Some of these advantages include reducing the amount of work required by the host of the party, ensuring the guests all enjoy some of the food provided, and cutting down on the amount of leftovers the host has at the end of the evening.

A potluck is a good idea for a fun New Year's Eve party. Some hosts may be hesitant to ask their guests to contribute a dish for the party, but there are a few ways to make the potluck a great deal of fun.

One way to do this is by implementing a theme for the party. The host can take the responsibility for preparing the main course and then assign each guest to bring another part of the meal with the stipulation that the dish they bring should fit with the theme.

While a potluck New Year's Eve party greatly reduces the responsibility of the host in terms of food preparation, it is important for the host to remember she is still responsible for coordinating the meal. The host should take care of ensuring all of the elements of the meal are provided.

This is important for preventing each guest from bringing a dessert and none of the guests bringing savory items such as the main course, side dishes, salads, or appetizers. One way the host can do this is to indicate on each guest’s invitation which type of dish they should bring.

The host may assign 2-3 people to bring main dishes and 4-5 people to bring appetizers, 4-5 people to bring side dishes, 4-5 people to bring salads, and 2-3 people to bring desserts. This will help to ensure there is a variety of items in each category.

It is also important to consider food service when planning a New Year's Eve party. This logistical matter is especially important if guests will be providing items which must be served hot. The host might want to consult with the guests to determine what they will be bringing to contribute and how the food should be served.

If it is necessary to serve the item hot, the host should plan ahead to make accommodations to reheat the item or keep the item hot if the guest arrives with the item still hot. This is important because dinner will not likely be served immediately when guests arrive.

Beverages should also be carefully considered when planning a potluck New Year's Eve party. One way to deal with beverages is for the host to supply all of the beverages.

This is a good solution because alcoholic cocktails are particularly popular for New Years Eve parties. The host may prefer to plan on providing a few signature cocktails throughout the evening and will want to ensure they have the ingredients necessary to create those categories.

While the host may want to provide all of the alcoholic beverages, he or she may allow a few guests to bring non-alcoholic beverages as their contribution to the pot luck.

Finally, when planning a New Year's Eve potluck, it is important to ensure guests are aware of any dietary restrictions which should be considered when making the food for the party.

For example, if the host is aware that several guests require special diets -- such as diets for diabetics or diets for those with high blood pressure -- he or she will want to make sure guests who will be preparing food for the party are also aware of these restrictions.

The host may also want to ensure at least one main dish item is vegetarian, in case any of the guests do not eat meat....

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