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by Bryan McConnahea

Why search engine optimization? Why all webmasters take care of SEO before doing anything else? What are your goals of doing SEO? There are certainly answers for these questions.

SEO may be good (if not, necessary) for your website rankings in the search engines; and may its main mission is to get you more visitors to your website which helps you to get high rankings. That means SEO is not your only way to get No.1 in search engine result pages. There are other internet marketing strategies.

On the other hand, not all webmasters know that search engine optimization efforts have different goals in mind. Let's figure out those goals with two of top SEO methods; Social Media Networks and Video Marketing.

Social Media Networking Sites are the most profitable fields to spread your personal information and business data all over the world. When someone searches in Google by a product name or an internet marketer name, Google searches first in those social media services to bring the required information that people are really looking for. In turns, your chances of building links to your website will be in increase day after day because of the unlimited visitors you are going to get from those services.

Second, Video Marketing efforts can bring you good results in a matter of days as long as you make high quality videos. Video marketing is one of the best methods that people prefer to get in touch with others face to face. If your website includes these videos that people are looking for or has links pointing to your videos' URL (e.g. Your YouTube Videos), that will bring gold for you as many bloggers will be eager to write about you and your videos which increase targeted traffic to your website.

All in all, search engine optimization efforts have multiple goals in mind. We need to know which goals can be achieved with SEO methods and which ones can be done with other internet marketing tools.

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About the Author: Joe Jablonski is trustworthy guru who has a good reputation in many internet marketing blogs. His product "Quick Video Optin" is a great source to learn more about video sharing sites.


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