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Subliminal Power Using Your Computer!

Turn Words Into Traffic -- Tried and Still True!

The Secret to Long-Term, Non-Stop, FREE, Targeted Traffic!

Learn how to bring thousands of NEW visitors to your website for weeks -- and even months or years -- for increased business growth and profits, without spending a dime on advertising.

Discover quick and easy techniques for pumping out high-quality, professional articles. 

Learn how to persuade dozens, hundreds, even thousands of website owners and ezine publishers to put your article in front of very targeted readers who can visit your website and purchase your products, become your prospects, and/or join your list(s). 

If you don't have time to write articles yourself, learn how you can easily find other people to write them for you... and you can claim the articles as your own!

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Subliminal Power Using Your Computer!

Emails from this autoresponder land in my INBOX

Over 43,000 Businesses Use This To Build Relationships With
Website Visitors And Turn Them Into Loyal Customers....

Find Out Why -- Take a FREE Test Drive Today

I'm on MANY, MANY email newsletter lists myself and the
emails from
this autoresponder ALWAYS land in my
email INBOX
(rather than my Bulk or Spam folder, where they
would usually never actually be seen, much less actually read, by the average person).

I've seen SO many marketers switch over to this company, over the last few years, that I'll
never personally use any other.

I mean, if you think about it logically... if you go to ALL the effort of setting up follow-up
in an autoresponder and building a list in the first place, don't you want to be sure
that all your hard work is not wasted due to the overly zealous SPAM filters that eat emails
sent through other companies?

WHY start out with with anything except the best and then end up going through the hassle
of switching over to this autoresponder later on?

Enjoy Toll-Free Expert Customer Service with 9+ Years of Experience

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Subliminal Power Using Your Computer!

Easy Audios for Your Web Sites & Emails

Grow Your Business Online With Audio....

Be a great Team Leader and/or increase results from
your Internet marketing!
For example, you can easily record your company or team conference and training calls for your group and then make them available in several ways:
- with a simple link in an email
- on a web site or a simple free blog
- with AudioNotes - pre-designed email postcards available with this service
You can also create audios using phone calls or by uploading existing MP3s or WAV files. You can easily create TESTIMONIAL LINES, too!
PLUS, if you CHOOSE to, you can provide a link to download the audio for an IPOD or MP3 player for on-the-go listening.
This service also pays commissions for referrals, so you only need 3 and yours is FREE! Refer more than 3, and it can become an extra stream of income for you.
Remember how busy everyone is and how difficult it can be to make it to all the important live conference and training calls your company and/or team provides!
Even telephone playback number offered by your conference call service may only allow the calls to be available for a limited time and only by phone -- not online and not for download to allow portable listening. 
It's also nice to be able to listen at your own convenience while multi-tasking, without juggling a phone or long distance charges!
I can sincerely VOUCH that my team members DO listen to the calls I record for them and REALLY APPRECIATE that I provide these audios for them....
Everybody is VERY BUSY and just simply cannot always be on the live calls! Providing the recordings HAS definitely helped my team to GROW and SUCCEED. 
IN FACT, here is an excerpt from an email one of my team members sent me on 8-6-08:
"Oh, there's a call coming up soon. We'll see if I get to listen. I'm SO thankful
you record the calls.  I often listen to them on your site after the baby and
2 year old are in bed.  It is a little tricky!" ~ Amy


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