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What is Squidoo? And What Can Squidoo Do For You?

Squidoo is the popular publishing platform and community that makes it easy for you to create "lenses" online. Lenses are web pages that gather everything you know about your topic of interest. 

Because Google loves Squidoo, it's also great for promoting and driving traffic to your brick and mortar business OR your online business(es) and/or other web sites, including blogs, generating leads for a home-based business, affiliate marketing, to your eBay, CafePress, Zazzle, Etsy (etc.) stores, and much more.

It's all FREE, and you could even earn royalties for charity OR FOR YOURSELF.

Be sure you follow their Terms of Service and avoid building lenses on topics listed HERE. They are doing everything in their power to ensure that quality lenses are built rather than "spammy" or "junk" lenses that do not offer any value to their visitors.

How You Can Earn:

 Through revenue sharing with Squidoo by using Amazon, eBay, and CafePress modules in your lenses. What I like best about this is that you do not need to be individually signed up as an affiliate for them. In fact, I applied to be an individual eBay affiliate and I was turned down, so the only way I can earn commissions on eBay sales is through eBay modules on my Squidoo lenses.

(Note Aug. 2009, I recently heard that eBay is no longer allowing people to use their individual affiliate links on sites like Squidoo and Hub Pages, anyway, so luckily you can still earn through the Squidoo eBay modules.)

 Through revenue-sharing with Squidoo on the other advertising they place on your lenses, such as Google Adsense ads, Glam ads (banners), and contextual text ads (they are the green links you may see on my lenses, and you can opt out of those ONLY IF you designate all your Squidoo revenue-sharing earnings to charity).

 You can also earn affiliate commissions directly by placing your own affiliate links on your lenses (including Amazon and CafePress) if you are individually affiliated with them. I often include my own Amazon direct affiliate links in the text blurbs accompanying the items in my Amazon modules. That way I earn if someone clicks my text links OR if they click the Squidoo module links.

TIP: One nice way to add interest to your lenses with interesting graphics is to be an affiliate of AllPosters.com and display relevant artwork along with your affiliate links for purchasing. Amazon also may have some nice artwork to feature with your affiliate link, but you can earn higher commissions with AllPosters.

(Note Aug. 2009, at one point they were paying for referrals, but I found one source that says they discontinued that in 2008. I also checked their TOS and no mention is currently made of lensmaster referral commissions. However, I'm still offering my lensmaster referral link just in case that changes again in the future.)

Visit Laurie Kristensen's Squidoo Lenses to see my lenses.

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Free Squidoo Lens Creation Guide for Newbies

Did you know you can build a Squidoo Lens and make some easy money? The more lenses you build, the more money you can make... and it's a lot of fun too!

Click Here to Register with Squidoo and
Start Building (Become a "Lens Master")

To help you get started here is a wonderful FREE Squidoo Lens Creation Guide written by my own mentor...

The STEP-BY-STEP explanations and instructions will make it very easy for you to get started right away!

One Week Marketing Action Plan - All FREE Methods

Once you realize the powerful money-making potential of Squidoo, next I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this Step-By-Step SYSTEM....

> One Week Marketing Action Plan <



Subliminal Power Using Your Computer!

Need Help Finding MAKE-MONEY Keywords For Your
Niche Marketing Squidoo Lenses?



Subliminal Power Using Your Computer!

The Secret Cash Machine on Squidoo

This ebook explains everything you need to successfully run your online business on Squidoo. The author leaves nothing behind and he shows you all the secret resources in his e-book. He even reveals his undercover traffic ninja secrets. This e-book is filled with unique content and information never revealed before.

Holy Squidoo Guides, Batman!

While the salespage was a bit on the hypey/dark side… the ebook itself is wonderful! And this is a BIG ebook on Squidoo… 150+ pages. (Yes, I read the whole darn thing… even the beginner stuff). And folks, this ain’t no fluffy ebook, either. This is complete and solid information. And it is CURRENT information.

When you first start reading, you will be reading about more advanced Squidoo tactics, things SO many lensmasters over-look. Things like why affiliate marketing lenses should be set up a bit different - and how to do just that. Information on Bum Marketing and Squidoo…. long-tail keywords and their power on Squidoo… traffic information…. How to make a profitable product review lens…Using Squidoo the right way to promote your sites and your own products…. How to use Squidoo to create a product or ecourse…and more, more, more!

Wait, what if you are new to Squidoo? Is this appropriate for you? Yes, it certainly is! The last 30 pages or so are dedicated to those that need to learn Squidoo from the beginning (ie, what is a lens, how to make a lens step by step, where to find certain modules and how to use them, etc, etc). There is also a good-sized section on Squidoo HTML tricks (ie, how to pretty up your lens), and great ideas for getting your images to work for you and look good… where to use your images…and all that good stuff.

You also get to learn how to use all the different types of Squidoo pages like SquidWho, Ever, Hey MonkeyBrain, SquidVids, SquidBids (eBay sellers will love this part), SquidZipper, SquidLit….and on and on. Even has instructions for Squidoo pages that aren’t even available yet!

There is even a handy-dandy little checklist you can use for each lens you create. I’m tellin’ ya - this Squidoo guide is jam-packed!

Ok, but what if you know all the basics and feel like you know all that advanced stuff? First, one question - are you making good money from your Squidoo lenses? If not, you should read SquidooCashMachine. If you ARE making good money with Squidoo - CONGRATS! But guess what? I am, too… and the rest of the ebook was filled with cool tricks and tips to do even better.

The advanced tactics in this Squidoo ebook are good - really good. There is no hand-holding and fluff in it, either. Lord knows, if the author had expanded and fluffed up each tactic, that ebook would be 500 pages long!

There is nothing ’sneaky’ or ‘wrong’ about these tactics, either. The author makes it perfectly clear over and over again to NOT spam Squidoo and to NOT make trash lenses. He also states that by teaching others to make more profitable and more traffic-ed lenses, that the entire site will do better.

~ Jennifer (PotPieGirl)

The best thing is that the author really doesn't focus on selling you other products. He focuses on teaching you how to make money online with Squidoo lenses in a brilliant way with Secret Cash Machine on Squidoo.

Click Here to Register with Squidoo (Become a "Lens Master")


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Squidoo Queen - Squidoo Meets Bum Marketing

Version 2.1
FACTS:  You do NOT need any experience or expertise. In fact it doesn't matter if you have never even heard about Squidoo or Bum Marketing before. You don't need a website, domain name, hosting, large mailing list to take advantage of this offer. Squidoo Queen guarantees you will be up and making money in no time at all.
"Great Squidy guide is this. Doesn't deal with the boring set-up stuff. (If you need that the Squid help is enough). This deals with how to use a Squid for marketing. And there's some real gems in here...and I'll tell you what...there is ONE killer tip that is worth many, MANY times the price of this guide on it's own."
~ Dave B
Want to conquer Google once and for all with NO expense?  Now you can within hours -- with Squidoo Queen: Squidoo Meets Bum Marketing 

Click Here to Register with Squidoo (Become a "Lens Master")


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FREE REPORT: Squidoo - Turbo Charge Your OnlineBiz

SQUIDOO has been a VERY powerful tool in the arsenal of many Internet marketers since it was released. This is no big surprise to those who are already aware of its power to make you money and get you free visitors to your website, but others may be left scratching their heads wondering what all the fuss is about....
This FREE REPORT will give you a good understanding of Squidoo and what it can do to increase profits for your business(es)!

Click Here to Register with Squidoo (Become a "Lens Master")


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Social Networking on Squidoo

By Tiffany Dow
If you haven't yet heard of Web 2.0 Tactics, then you're already behind on what is shaping up to be the next major evolution of how you reach out and grab the attention of your customers and business prospects.
- How Squidoo Can Help Brand Your Business on the ‘Net!
- Step-by-Step Instructions on Setting Up An Unlimited
Number of Search Engine Optimized Pages Within 
Squidoo – for FREE!
- A Clear-Cut Strategy for Socializing on Squidoo With ZERO Risk of Spam Accusations!
- The Down and Dirty Truth About How to Grab Ahold of a Top 100 Lens Rank on Squidoo So That You Also Start Getting High Rankings in Search Engines Like Google!
- A 10-Minute Tactic That Will Have Visitors Coming Back to Your Lens Daily – and Help You Maintain a Top 10 Spot on Squidoo!
Also, You’re Going to Discover Dozens of Tips and Tricks That Can Explode Your
Profits --
Strategies Most Lensmasters Don’t Even Know How to Do on 
Squidoo! with
Social Networking on Squidoo 

Click Here to Register with Squidoo (Become a "Lens Master")


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