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MLMLeadSpecialist ALSO offers a FREE affiliate program that pays in free leads or in cash. You must have a PayPal account.

Lead packages include real time leads, phone interviewed leads, surveyed leads, double opt-in leads, aged leads, email leads, and voice broadcast campaigns.

They offer a 100% money-back guarantee for first-time purchasers. Check the website for the exact specifications on how to qualify for that.

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Mark Weiser -

Subliminal Power Using Your Computer!

Meet One of Mike Dillard's (of
Magnetic Sponsoring) Mentors...

Mark Weiser...

Learn The Exact Steps For Building
Large Downlines From Someone
Who Has Been There And Done It
Are you interested in creating Unstoppable
Network Marketing Success?
Then follow
MIKE DILLARD's advice....

"You need to learn everything you can from Mark Weiser." ~ Mike Dillard

Here is what you will gain from reading Surefire Sponsoring
1. You will learn what keeps people stuck at ONLY earning a few hundred a month instead of breaking out and creating a solid full-time income.
2. You’ll learn an inside secret to on how to talk to successful business people. This alone is worth the price.
3. How to use Funded Proposals to explode your personal recruiting and provide income as your are building your organization.
4. You’ll learn the real secret to “Attraction Marketing“ and increase your personal attraction in 24 hours.
5. You’ll also learn the 3 hottest markets for recruiting TODAY.
6. And best of all you’ll learn two controversial but powerful sponsoring approaches used by the top pros.
The cost of Surefire Sponsoring is less than a weeks worth of Starbucks and, if applied, will allow you to buy $150,000 worth of Starbucks stock if you desire.

"Things really turned around for me once I learned how simple it is to
sponsor serious prospects into ANY business."
~ Mark Weiser

Mark Weiser -

  EXTRA:  Read Mark's Article:

  Duplication: Have You Been Mislead?



Not a Do-It-Yourself Type, But You Still Need a
Lead Capture Page of Your Own?


Unique Lead Capture Pages Starting as low as $49/year including domain, hosting, and additional bonuses!

(Custom designs have a very affordable additional design and setup fee.)


Subliminal Power Using Your Computer!

FREE MLM Leads - FREE Network Marketing Leads

MLM Leads
Below is a source for FREE leads.... you will have BETTER results if you call them first before emailing them info about your opportunity.
However, if you choose to email them, I HIGHLY suggest doing so -- ONE at a time -- from a SEPARATE free email account (to protect your main email address in case you get accused of spam, even though the leads definitely filled out a form requesting information).
Keep the email itself VERY short and catchy -- you simply want to entice them to click a link to view your site and, from there, either contact you directly (include contact details on your site) or request more info via your capture form.
As with leads that you purchase, you never know what quality the leads will be -- but for FREE, I feel it is worth experimenting with!
If you need a splash or lead capture page, visit -- there are several designs that are generic and would would work for ANY home based business opportunity, plus designs for two specific opportunities.
For  more info on getting traffic to your lead capture pages,

FREE - Orange Leads

Get FREE business opportunity leads. This website is very easy to understand. All you have to do is sign up FREE, log in, and then click a button to get FREE business opportunity leads -- unlimited, no credit card or commitment involved!

Along with your FREE membership to the site, you can have your own advertisements displayed on the site and refer the site to others for more FREE advertising. Plus, it is growing and expanding all the time... you can do status updates similar to Facebook, Twitter, etc., you are given a home page/profile to fill out (I get lots of people looking at mine, they send you an email notifying you about it), and more. It's one of the sites I utilize daily just for those reasons, not even for the free leads. There is a FREE level and the opportunity to upgrade, plus an affiliate program.

Click Here

Subliminal Power Using Your Computer!


A Book That Enlightens

Things Are Going Great In My Absence is a ground breaking, miracle-producing handbook for enlightenment spread to over 85 countries by word of mouth. It's a guide to creating the life you want, and it actually works! If you're tired of merely seeking and are ready to have direct experience, get this book.

You'll receive an enlightenment initiation that keeps unfolding over time. You'll begin to experience the expanding of your own inner knowing as you read the book and absorb the vibrations that emanate from it. Some feel the Divine energy just from holding it.
Lola Jones spent 21 days in silence in India, communing only with The Presence, and was then given the power to activate enlightenment in others and end emotional, mental, and physical suffering. Her sharing of her own unfolding, and the many practical how-to processes soothe the mind as you transition into an exciting new world.




BPSender Automatic AdPoster for

Subliminal Power Using Your Computer!

BPSender Ad AutoPoster

BPSender is a great little software tool that allows you to post hundreds of ads per hour to
(This site offers many other tools
that may be helpful, too. I have
personally only used the BPSender
so far.)
To get started, you must buy the actual BPSender Software, which comes in these packages ALONG WITH an Access Pass for different lengths of time (depending on the package):
BP Sender BackPage.Com AutoPoster-EXPERT
BP Sender BackPage.Com AutoPoster-PRO
BP Sender BackPage.Com AutoPoster-URL List UpGrade
After your initial Access Pass expires, you can buy a new Access Pass on that same page. Below is a video that gives a good demonstration of using BPSender...
BONUS:  If you purchase through my BPSender link, send a copy of your receipt to me at and I will send you my personally gathered list of the URLs for the Top 60 USA cities for the Services - Biz Ops section, which is where I post my ads. It is a Notepad text file, which you upload before posting your ads.
The software also comes with various lists of URLs in the same format. I chose the Top 60 USA cities because I feel that people in smaller surrounding cities will also naturally check the ads in the nearest large city near them, so it saves me time/effort while posting ads.

BPSender Tutorial

NOTE:  I originally purchased a copy of BPSender from someone on There were quite a few people selling it there and on Craigslist. 
UNFORTUNATELY, I discovered on August 2, 2010 that my BPSender software no longer worked. In its HELP tab, there was a message that my software copy was not "authorized" and gave a web site for more info....
There, it explained that "Software Piracy" had occurred, and that the ONLY authorized source of BPSender is this site.
So, you may still see many videos on YouTube giving demos and providing a link to buy it from them... however, if they do not lead to this site, they are now INVALID.

Backpage Bpsender URLs Tutorial

If you want to create a hand-pick list of cities to post to, this video explains the process. This is what I had to do to gather the Top 60 USA cities... tedious!

Remember, if you buy through my BPSender link, send a copy of your receipt to me at and I'll send you my Notepad file of the Top 60 USA cities for the Services - Biz Ops section that I personally gathered as a BONUS for buying through my link!


(Yummy PLR)

Individual Packs (available to Non-Members):

Vegetarian Recipe Pack 

Chicken Crockpot Recipe Pack 

Summertime Smoothie Recipe Pack 

Fruit Article Pack 

Kids Veggie Snack Recipe Pack 

Fruit Snack Recipe Pack 

Thanksgiving Casserole Recipe Pack 

Christmas Dessert Article Pack 

Christmas Candy Recipe Pack 

Christmas Dessert Article & Candy Recipe Packs Bundle 

New Years Eve Appetizer Recipe Pack 

Dinner for 2 Recipe Pack 

Crock Pot Soup Recipe Pack 

Crock Pot Cooking Article Pack 

St Patrick's Day Recipe Pack 

Easter Dessert Recipe Pack 

Memorial Day Recipe Pack 

Summer Backyard Fun Recipe Pack 

Father's Day Recipe Pack 

4th of July Dessert Recipe Pack


Subliminal Power Using Your Computer!

Tiffany Dow

PLR by Tiffany Dow

Diet Weight Loss PLR Mega Pack

Christmas Holiday Mega PLR Pack

Stress PLR Mega Pack

Alternative Health PLR Mega Pack

Internet Marketing PLR Mega Pack

Gardening PLR Mega Pack

Save Your Relationship PLR Mega Pack

Nice Guy Dating PLR Mega Pack

Heart Health PLR Mega Pack

Saving Money PLR Mega Pack

Forex Trading PLR Mega Pack

Blast Fat Build Abs PLR eBook

Get Your Ex Back or Get Over It PLR eBook

Bacterial Vaginosis PLR eBook

Get Up and Running Online PLR eBook

MLM Social Networking PLR Report

Mastering FriendFeed PLR eBook

Fast and Detox Limited Edition PLR

Subliminal Power Using Your Computer!

Buy This $5 Traffic Trick to Generate FAST Traffic

Have you seen the new $5 Traffic Trick report
just released? It allows you to get new traffic
to your Squidoo lenses and HUB pages daily,
driving traffic to your other web pages and/or
blogs -- 
producing sales, prospects, and/or
growing your list.

It's a traffic trick you can implement FREE,
BUT it will cost you $5 to get your hands on it.

Not only will this work with
Squidoo it also works
really well with
HUB Pages -- so, if you want to
get some traffic flowing to your 
splash pages
(a.k.a. lead capture or landing pages
) and/or other
web sites or blogs, you'll want to drop $5 bucks on this today... that's less than a fast food meal, but it may help you earn a lot more for your efforts with online marketing!

Step One: Create a HUB Page or Squidoo Lens.

Step Two: Do this trick.

Step Three: Start Getting Traffic Instantly! 

Just a quick FYI. Inside the report, the author tells you that you're only allowed 20 tags on Squidoo. This isn't true -- it's 40. Plus, the related lenses are not at the bottom; they're now located right below the introduction.

The $5 Traffic Trick...
- Does not require any software
- It's not illegal or shady
- No money needed to use this trick
- Can be implemented in less than 2 minutes for your existing or new
   hubs or lenses.

This works best with Squidoo and HUB pages but may work with other Web 2.0 sites, too,
such as free blogs. Investing a mere $5 bucks is nothing to know
this traffic trick and put it to work for you -- even without your own opt-in list!

Buy this $5 Traffic Trick report to generate FAST traffic! Grab it before they decide to
pull it or raise the price on this great deal!


Subliminal Power Using Your Computer!

Tom Pauley & his Daughter, Penelope - Rich Dreams

Get 7 FREE lessons (e-mail) and so much more. Make the choice... learn how to change your thoughts and change your life from people who are down to earth, yet very motivating! The Universe can give you exactly what you want instantly. Listen to the FREE AUDIOS and discover how you can 
improve your life starting RIGHT NOW!


Subliminal Power Using Your Computer!

Get Paid 8 Ways for Article Marketing w/Affsphere

Click Here to Get Your Hands on the
"Not Your Typical Article Marketing Report"

There are many article marketing reports out there. A lot of them are misleading. The techniques they teach take a long time to make an impact....

However, the strategies in this report can show results within hours -- not days and not weeks or even months.

Find answers to questions like:

- What niches perform the best in article marketing?

- What types of articles get the most traffic?

- What titles work the best?

- What topics do people want to read about?

- How to get OTHER sites to use your article.

- How to SCALE article marketing.

The entire strategy is about making IMMEDIATE traffic and IMMEDIATE sales (and/or prospects, and new business partners -- and/or additions to your email marketing list).

>>> Click Here to Grab This Report, Join Affsphere (free with purchase of the Report), and Start Getting Paid TODAY for Your Articles, Earning Commissions on your Referrals,
and much more!


NOTE: They also offer a highly nutritious meal replacement shake called Fixx and
a fiber product.... both are optional. I have tried the shake and I really like it... it totally
satisfies my hunger and tastes good to me, simply stirred up with milk. Lots of customers
also mix it in a blender with ice and claim it comes out like a Wendy's Frosty... some
folks also add fruits, etc. One gal even reported just mixing it with water and still liking it
just as much as with milk!


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Laurie Kristensen's Recommended Resources

Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?
Is It *Immoral* To Make Sales This Easily?

Argue for your limitations and sure enough, they're yours. ~ Richard Bach


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