Duplication: Have You Been Mislead? by Mark Weiser

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Mark Weiser - SurefireSponsoringFormula.com

  Duplication: Have You Been Mislead?

  by Mark Weiser, SurefireSponsoringFormula.com

If you've been a network marketer longer than 5 minutes, I'm sure the following's been pounded into you brain:

"People are not duplicatable... systems are." And more than likely, so has something like this: "Look at the things you do and ask yourself: 'is this duplicatable', can everyone on my team follow the system I'm using?"

99% of networkers accept these statements as indisputable truths. They're repeated tens of thousands of times in blogs, forums, etc.

But that doesn't make them true.

In fact, the 1% who don't blindly subscribe & apply such cliches often out earn the 99% who do.

Crazy but true.

What happens is people become SO CONCERNED about being duplicatable, they become highly inflexible in their approach.

As a result, they struggle, and often never crack $3000 a month ... let alone $10,000/mo or more!

So... the next time someone hits you with a cliche regarding duplication, remember this:

It's OK to do and try things that aren't 100% duplicatable. And while you're at it, also remember this: NO one system is ever going to be right for everybody on your team. You could have the perfect internet driven system and there will still be people who can't (or won't) use it.

You can have the perfect system for conducting meetings, and your downline who lives and works in NYC and rides the subway to and from work day after day may have trouble building with it.

Don't be afraid to do what works for you.

Example: Say you're really good with SEO marketing and generating prospects online, and are using a system to attract serious prospects that's not duplicatable.

Are you doomed to failure because no one will ever be able to duplicate you?

The "herd" will be quick to argue: "Yes." "You'll never do it alone," they'll cry... "your system's not duplicatable."

But is "the herd" right? NO -- they're not!

While it's true you can't "do it alone," it's also true you won't have to.

Picture this: using your SEO system you attract and sponsor 27 sharp, professional realtors over the next 90 days.

Will you/they fail because they can't "duplicate you" and prospect with your SEO system?

Listen, just because they came in through the net doesn't mean they have to build the exact same way.

What if instead you work with them on how to mine their rolodex/iphone/blackberry etc. and getting their business in front of other professionals with whom they already have a business relationship, and then continue to network through those people to uncover other professionals who might be good candidates for their business? Help them do that, and they may soon be out-recruiting you!

I've recruited many people over the years who because of their experience, background and strengths end up building very differently than I do.

No one system will ever be a perfect match for everyone -- systems are tools, and if your goal is to build a substantial long-term business, don't be afraid to have several.

The secret is to remain flexible, work with people as individuals, and get them plugged into the right system that capitalizes on their individual strengths.

And by the way, if you adopt a flexible style you'll also attract and recruit more people into your business, a tactic I discuss in: SurefireSponsoringFormula

Over the years I've watched people build remarkable success on my teams using a variety of different building styles and systems including meetings (yes meetings), ppc, funded proposals, seo, etc. etc. etc.

One more thing....

When I started out in networking a decade ago, I attempted to duplicate the style of some of the most successful networkers of the time, top earners / recruiters who were enjoying immense success in our industry.

You know what? It worked. I didn't stop being me... I just grew a little.

I became more outgoing, more confident and began attracting leaders, serious players and builders. My business took off. I continued to develop that style and ultimately made it unique to me.

So to some degree, people ARE duplicatable. Over the years, I've had a number of people duplicate my style and create success too.

Bottom line: Don't buy into cliches. And don't be too quick to follow the herd. Sometimes, it pays to do your own thinking. It sure has for me!

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