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Your Key To The Universe? The Law Of Allowance
by Trevor Johnson

The Law of Allowance is one of the most fundamental laws in the universe. While the word allowance is meant to encompass all that is allowed, some do prefer to call this the Law of Allowing, because the verb since better resonates its broader definition. The basic understanding of this law is that as long as you keep yourself open to good, thus allowing good into your life, good will enter. 

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First and foremost is that we must not judge others. By doing so, we have decided not to allow them to be who they are. Inherent in this action, we have made the further judgment that we are somehow better than them, and this results in negative energy from them, and in turn, us.

Our emotions can be looked at as the pallet of our life painting. When we experience negativity, that negativity skews all of our colors with that tint. Thus, our entire life is tinted with negativity, as we are no longer attracting other positives. It's easy to fall into this trap and less easy to escape from it, although once you achieve this escape your life will transform!

On the other hand, if we are positive, and allow for the possibility of good to enter our lives, our theoretically painted life will be tinted with more and more positives. Likewise, when we want positives, therefore adding the positive tint, but do not really believe that we will ever have those things happen to us, we neutralize our own lives. This is known as a rut in the road of life, and we have created it ourselves.

While this may sound like we should hope and expect, going against God's word, this is not so. We must not expect, but rather allow for positives. In this way, we can trust in a possibility, rather than expecting, and continue to hope for inevitability.

According to the Law of Allowance, we must recognize the responsibility for our own lives, while not passing judgment on others. Positives must be met with positives in order to be let in. Therefore, we must accept ourselves and others, which leads to this positive energy.

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