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Home Based Business - Let Ebooks Do Your Marketing

by Brian Lett

Many people do not think of utilizing eBooks to market their home based business. Much of the time, people simply seen an eBook as something which is bought and sold. However, if you look at the nature of the Internet, you will see way eBooks are such a valuable marketing tool. For instance, when you need specific information on a particular topic, where do you find yourself going? You go to the Internet. Often times, the document which provides the answer to your query is an eBook (ie. electronic book).

For those of you to whom it is still not clear what an eBook is, I will explain in further detail. As indicated above, an eBook is simply a book, but in an electronic format. Usually when you come across an eBook, it is in a pdf (ie. portable document format). Nonetheless, you can often find eBooks in both text and word processor formats. Additionally, some eBooks are created with unique software, specific to that eBook creator.

Just like any paper book, eBooks are composed of written subject matter in a convenient bundle. Both contain the same information, but this information is transferred to the reader by using different methods. However, eBooks have some advantages which traditional books simply do not offer. For instance, the contents of eBooks can be protected from unauthorized copying, or sharing with third parties.

While I have noticed that many well known publishing companies are now creating electronic, as well as traditional books, many eBooks are now created by a home based business, or small organizations. This is a good thing since the readers of eBooks are just as varied as those who create them.

Most eBooks share similar qualities with traditional books. Their main purpose is to educate, amuse, and advertise. However, eBooks have a few added benefits. For instance, they cost far less to create than a traditional book. Furthermore, they can take an idea, and package it into a finished product extremely quickly. Best of all, anyone from anywhere in the world can receive an eBook within a fraction of a second, all within any room of their house. Both the low cost and the easy distribution make updating eBooks more efficient and far more economical than physical books.

Now here is where you, the home based business owner come in. You have a couple of uses for eBooks. First, you can create an eBook and sell it on the open market. Many home business owners have had massive success doing this. However, where I think you will have the biggest benefit, is if you give your eBook away. This is a marketing tactic which has proven to be extremely successful and has become one of the leading viral marketing methods.

Moreover, by creating a stellar eBook on a niche topic, the home based business owner has allowed themselves to be dubbed an expert in their field, while establishing credibility within the market. This status will always lead to a good portion of your readers either visiting your website, or subscribing to your newsletter to learn more on the topic. Such an eBook marketing approach is what is known as a "soft sell". Essentially, you are not trying to sell a product or service to the reader right off of the bat. Rather, you are attempting to lead them to your website, or have them sign up for your newsletter so that you can present them with a product or service thereafter. Contrarily, there is the "hard sell" approach. Under this approach, the author attempts to sell their product or service to the reader within the actual eBook. The truth is that the approach which you take is not the essential matter. Rather, it is the quality of your eBook which is most important. If you produce an outstanding eBook with highly valuable information, this eBook will become a source within your niche. As such, it will be widely broadcast to others who are looking for the same information, continually bringing you sales.

Nonetheless, you should always consider eBooks as a cost effective method of marketing your home based business. Their reach can go beyond what you ever envisioned within your marketing plan.


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About the Author:  Are you the owner of a Home Based Business? If so, eBooks provide you with a new method of marketing your Business Opportunities. Visit us at SOSComplete.com.


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