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A Romantic Valentine's Day Mailbox Idea

Valentine's Day is a time when you tell the most special person in your life exactly how you feel about him or her. Some couples plan all year long so that they can make Valentine's Day a very special day.

However, making Valentine's Day special does not mean that it has to be expensive. You can make the day very special for your Valentine with a little bit of creativity and some planning.

The first thing that you need to do is to make a Valentine mailbox. This is very simple to do. For your supplies, you will need 2 heavy duty paper plates, glue, and decorations. 

You can find lots of decorating ideas at your local or online craft or scrap booking store. Most of them will carry decorations specifically for Valentine's Day. Some ideas for decorations would be stickers, foam shapes, etc.

Romantic Valentine's Day Mailbox Idea

Cut one of the paper plates in half. Place the paper plate that has been cut in half on top of the first paper plate, right side down. You want to glue them together so that there will be a gap in between them for the Valentines.

After the glue dries, then you can decorate it. You don't want to make it to gaudy, but you want to make it colorful.

Over the next couple of days, every time you think of something special that you love about your Valentine, you need to write it down on either a small slip of paper or a small note card. You could even purchase a box of Valentines to write each message upon, if desired.

You can write down things that are very simple, such as how much you love your Valentine's smile or other things about their appearance that you appreciate. You can include things your Valentine does for you or others that help you or make you happy.

You can also write down things that are even more important, such as how you are just so happy that you married your Valentine and/or that you love how well your Valentine plays with the kids.

You could also write about how your Valentine inspires you, such as if your Valentine has gone back to school or started a business or faced challenges and came out on the other side as a winner.

Write down as many things as you can think about for two or three days. On Valentine's Day, present your Valentine with dozens of reasons why you love him or her. It will make the day very special one -- one that your Valentine will talk about for years.




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