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Ideas for Valentine's Day Romantic Love Coupons

Love coupons are a unique, fun and romantic idea for a Valentine's Day gift. You can present them as a gift by themselves, or you can give them in addition to another gift.

If you think just a bit ahead, you can purchase some really great Romantic Love Coupons already printed in book form! Love coupons are very well received and they can be used all year long.

And, they are also an especially good idea if you need a last minute gift or if you do not have a lot of money to spend by making them yourself.

It is best to print out your love coupons individually and then trim them so that they look neat. A color printer is ideal. You will print out the first love coupon as a cover for you to personalize. If you have card stock for the cover, it would make it even nicer.

To finish your love coupon booklet, you can either staple the booklet together or you can tie them up with a pretty ribbon. You could even punch a hole in one corner of the coupons and tie them with a thin piece of ribbon and tie them in a bow.

Now that you know have to present your gift, you need to have some ideas for the coupons themselves. Here are some ideas that he or she will love.

1.  The coupon giver will treat you to a gourmet breakfast in bed on any weekend morning.

2.  This coupon is good for one afternoon of window shopping with the coupon giver for company. Transportation and a romantic lunch or dinner is included. Wishing and dreaming are strongly encouraged.

3.  This coupon is good for fulfilling a sexual fantasy of the coupon holder's choosing.

4.  This coupon is good for a $100 shopping spree at the store of the coupon holder's choice.

5.  This coupon is for one evening of candlelight, champagne, and pampering with a very willing partner.

6.  This coupon is good for a long, soothing non-sexual massage using optional sensual oils and lotions.

7.  This coupon is good for one session of an erotic massage. Clothing is optional.

8.  This coupon is redeemable for a relaxing picnic in a quiet meadow.  Romantic companionship will also be provided.




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