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A Book That Enlightens

Things Are Going Great In My Absence by Lola Jones

Things Are Going Great In My Absence is a ground breaking, miracle-producing handbook for enlightenment spread to over 85 countries by word of mouth. It's a guide to creating the life you want, and it actually works! If you're tired of merely seeking and are ready to have direct experience, get this book.
You'll receive an enlightenment initiation that keeps unfolding over time. You'll begin to experience the expanding of your own inner knowing as you read the book and absorb the vibrations that emanate from it. Some feel the Divine energy just from holding it.
Lola Jones spent 21 days in silence in India, communing only with The Presence, and was then given the power to activate enlightenment in others and end emotional, mental, and physical suffering. Her sharing of her own unfolding, and the many practical how-to processes soothe the mind as you transition into an exciting new world.


"Install & Transcend The Secret" DVD

On this DVD Joe Vitale Discusses How to Live at "Zero Limits"

BONUS: "The Secret" Behind the Scenes with Joe Vitale

"Install & Transcend The Secret" DVD

Joe excitedly gives you a basic overview of The Secret, The Law of Attraction, The Attractor Factor, and his book, Zero Limits. This 20 minute primer alone is worth the price of this DVD.

With the precision of a laser beam, Joe provides specific details of how these principles work for him, as well as the little tricks he uses to turbo-charge his manifestation processes for astonishing results.

The hypnotic and subliminal video portion of this DVD will continuously remind you, at both a conscious and unconscious level, of the principles explained in 
The Secret, The Law of Attraction, and The Attractor Factor. Additionally, you'll receive messages that go way beyond these principles, so you can truly "Transcend the Secret."


"The Missing Secret" DVD - by Joe Vitale

A 2-DVD Set That Explains How to Live Your Life at "Zero Limits"
The Missing Secret Lecture Series, Vol. 1 and 2
Joe was asked to speak about this "Missing Secret," but he only did so for two special audiences. These two presentations explain "The Missing Secret," how Joe found the Missing Secret, how it can transform your life and the world.
These videos are the perfect primer for the new world changing book "Zero Limits." First off, I'd like to give this 10 stars! Joe gives two life changing lectures that confirm and support what was mentioned in the movie The Secret. This is something one can listen to many times and still learn something new from everytime.
~ Richard Clark

Below is an Intro to Joe Vitale's Amazing DVD set "The Missing Secret."
If you are interested in The Secret or The Law of Attraction, then you will Love these two DVD's because Joe takes Both of these Laws and Goes Way Beyond what they promise into Brand New territory that is as Old as the universe itself. An ancient Forgotten Secret that is ready to be revealed to the World!


"Forgiveness & Love"
The Subliminal Manifestation Series, Vol. 1
A Subliminal DVD that Uses Ho'oponopono


"Forgiveness & Love"
This DVD is great!
I just got
it and have been watching it quite a bit, it is a very relaxing and meditative compilation of stories, scenic video clips, pictures, hypnotic subliminals and paraliminals by Joe Vitale and others. I would highly recommend to anyone (average joe/jane) who feels stressed out on a regular basis and would like something to relax to that is easy and quick . . . it only requires you to sit back and watch, and let the DVD take you where it will. I really do feel lighter and less stressed after I watch it. Cheers . . . ~ Samuel C. Berg


"Increase Sales"
The Subliminal Manifestation Series, Vol. 2
A Subliminal DVD that Uses Ho'oponopono


I personally have purchased this DVD, and I really love it!
The scenes of wealthy properties and ocean views (from both the air and water) in and around Miami, Florida, are mesmerizing, and I like listening to the hypnotic stories while subliminal and paraliminal affirmations are flashing too quick for the human eye to really see. There are four different segments -- two with Joe Vitale telling the story (I enjoy them the most). The other two segments are compelling in their own ways, too. Since beginning to watch it, I've made additional sales of my own products and earned some unexpected affiliate comissions. I highly recommend this DVD! ~ Laurie Kristensen


"Fear-Less: Transcend & Break Through Fear"
The Subliminal Manifestation Series, Vol. 3
A Subliminal DVD that Uses Ho'oponopono


"Fear-Less: Transcend & Break Through Fear"
Watch four hypnotic videos designed to:

-- Help you move beyond fear.

-- Start clearing unconscious fears that keep you stuck.

-- Break through hidden blocks to your manifestation efforts.

-- Create more peace by quieting your disturbing, distracting, and fearful thoughts.


"Attracting Wealth"
The Subliminal Manifestation Series, Vol. 4
A Subliminal DVD that Uses Ho'oponopono


Magnetize Your Unconscious Mind to Attract Great
Wealth Now!
This DVD is specifically designed -- using Ericksonian Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Ho'oponopono, and state-of-the-art visual subliminals -- to super-magnetize your unconscious mind for wealth-producing thoughts which will translate into beliefs and behaviors that can quickly put you on the road to wealth...NOW!


Mabel Katz & Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len -
Conference at The Love & Understanding Institute

Audio CD  
When will you have everything you want?
Do you know what stands in the way of your having the life of your dreams?
In a word, it's YOU!
But, hold on; it's not really your fault.
Life is actually designed to be easy if you know how to let it be.
That's where the principals of Ho'oponopono and The Easiest Way come in.

Mabel Katz & Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len - Audio CD



Zero Limits by Joe Vitale/Learn About Ho'oponopono

by Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len
Even my nonreading husband had to read this....
First, I love Joe Vitale's writing style: flowing, easy, casual, makes you really get to know him. So this, like all his books, is an easy read.
Second, it is full of inspiration and information. The technique itself was not allowed to be spelled out, but my husband and I have gotten plenty from doing only what little tidbits Joe was allowed (by Dr. Len) to reveal.
Though I am a bookworm, my husband has read maybe 3 books in the 14 years I have been with him. The fact that this was one of them says a lot about the book. We both have been through the whole workshop scene while in our 30s (which is where we met each other). Been there, done that. But we both signed up for Dr. Len's workshop mid way through the book.
Perhaps the most amazing testimonial is when Joe calls his intention techniques "kindergarten" compared to this one. Life really is about getting clear from all the programming and just letting in the Divine. ~ Susan Schenck

Free Video:  Learn about Zero Frequency

Free Video:  Ho'oponopono - You can stop
your memories and get your problems erased

Zero Limits in Austin, TX - January 2007

The 1st Live Ho'oponopono Event with Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len

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