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Cat Litter Box Cleaning
Assistance for Individuals with Physical Limitations

Cash, Checks, PayPal, and Zelle are accepted.

An initial consultation to meet you and your cat(s) is FREE

I will provide whatever you need in terms of references so that you can feel absolutely comfortable choosing me!


AVAILABLE for anyone with physical limitations that requires assistance with their cat litter box(es)...
I can visit assisted living facilities or individual homes.
Visits are usually completed within 10-15 minutes or less.
It can be a either a long-term or a temporary arrangement (such as for those recovering from injuries).
FEES:  * See NOTE, below

1-2 Litter Boxes: 

Within 15 min. from my home = $10 per Visit

Between 15-30 min. from my home = $15 per Visit

3-4 Litter Boxes: 

Within 15 min. from my home = $15 per Visit

Between 15-30 min. from my home = $20 per Visit

Additional Optional Services:

 Cat Medications:

PILLS:  I have had the best luck using pill shooters, pill pockets, or if possible hiding or dissolving them in food.

INSULIN SHOTS: I can assist with lifting or holding the cat while you give the shot...

Or, I can actually give the shot -- but I will need specific guidance if I also need to figure out the dosage and load the syringe.

* NOTE: 

-- My Location:
I live in Bloomington just south of 494 on 12th Ave. So. (basically, 12th Ave. So. at 82nd Street)

12th Ave. runs north/south parallel with/between Cedar (Hwy. 77) and Portland -- relatively near the Mall of America (to its west), and southwest of the airport.

-- IF you live MORE than 30 min. away from my home, unfortunately, I CANNOT even consider taking the job!

Additional Charges:

Holiday Surcharges: 
There is an additional $10 per VISIT charge on the following days:
New Year's Eve
New Year's Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
Extra Trips to Pick Up or Drop Off Keys (ONLY IF NEEDED):

Assisted Living Residents:

I need to know the open lobby hours or how to get in after hours.

If ever you know you will not be home during a visit, you'll need to either leave your apartment door unlocked or provide me with a key or other instructions.

Individual Homes:

We usually make arrangements for the keys at our initial visit.

You may not be comfortable making a decision to hire me until after I get home and email you my references document that includes full contact information for my past and current clients.

In that case, once you make the decision to hire me, we can often figure out a way for you to hide the key(s) on your property where I can pick them up upon arrival, keep with me for the duration of our agreement, then leave for you upon my last visit. (If you have a mailbox that drops mail inside your home, I can drop them into that upon leaving.)

However, if you are not comfortable with that and it's necessary for me to make additional trips back to your house to either pick up or drop off the key(s), I need to charge extra for my time and gas:

$5 per trip if you live within 15 min. of me.

$10 per trip if you live between 15-30 min. from me.


Contact Me!
After reviewing the info here, please call me with your questions. If it seems like a possible match, we can set up a time for a FREE consultation... I will come to your place to meet you and your pets.

Phone:  952-814-7296

Please be sure to leave a message because I do not answer calls unless I already have the number in my phone's contacts... thanks!


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