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Free Article: Ho’oponopono Upstream or Downstream?

The terms "upstream" and "downstream" are used in the teachings of "Abraham" as presented through Esther and Jerry Hicks of

This same question had crossed my mind in my study of both the Abraham teachings and Ho'oponopono, and finding this article is truly a helpful answer that the Divine assisted me in coming across...

Now I share this article with you, in case you also study Abraham and might wonder the same thing, too. 
~ Laurie Kristensen

by Angela Bear

I got a lovely message from a client asking me if doing Ho’oponopono was going Upstream or Downstream because it brought up emotions when she thought of things to ‘clean’ on but then when she’d cleaned she felt much better. This is my reply to her:

“I’m not sure how upstream doing the Ho’oponopono process is. What I am sure of it that is does take me downstream and gets me more in the flow than I would have been had I not done Ho’oponopono in the first place.

I haven’t heard Abraham talking about the Ho’oponopono process. I know that Joe Vitale is friends with Jerry and Esther Hicks and that in the early days he used to get into their seminars for free because they loved him so much. I know from one of Joe Vitale’s downloads that I bought he plans on asking Abraham about the Ho’oponopono process and how it fits in with their teachings.

I believe that Ho’oponopono falls in line with my Native American medicine teachings. I was taught by an Oglala Medicine Man that our Chakra’s are made up of hundreds of pictures (facets) and that when we clean a picture then people can no longer push our buttons on that picture. A picture is literally a snapshot in time or a movie that is one of the facets of one of our Chakras. There is an initial incident that then each similar incident is placed upon the memory of the last. Each time a similar incident happens then the emotions of ALL of the incidents are brought up. The Natives I trained with called these ‘pictures’, Richard Bandler co-founder of NLP calls them ‘pictures’.

For instance as a child your dad calls you ‘stupid’ in fit of anger and that makes a picture. Then you go to school a few years later and get into an argument with a friend and she calls you stupid. That brings up the emotion of your dad calling you ‘stupid’ and you place the memory of your friend calling you ‘stupid’ on top of that. So say the first time it happened with your dad it made you feel not good enough, every time you get called ‘stupid’ you feel as if you aren’t good enough. That is a picture. It can be built on time and time again. There is no limit to how many layers are in that ‘picture’.

What Ho’oponopono does is cleans and erases those layers, in my opinion. What Ho’oponopono says is that the limiting beliefs, the pictures can be there from the beginning of time. This falls in line with the Native belief that ‘pictures’ can be built upon lifetime after lifetime.

It seems as though just like me you are getting results from doing the Ho’oponopono, so just keep doing it! Does it matter if Abraham is for or against something? Abraham is usually FOR processes. They used to say affirmations were good, now more recently they say that it is going a bit upstream, but if it works to take you downstream you should do it! Do anything that takes you downstream.






                       I'm Sorry. Please Forgive me. Thank You! I Love You!

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