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Free Article: Using Ho'oponopono (hooponopono) To
Raise Your Vibrations

Ho'oponopono (hooponopono) should be used several times a day. Dr. Hew Len speaks of constant clearing. He has verified that his own clearing was responsible for healing an entire hospital full of the criminally insane(between 1984 and 1987). What is Ho'oponopono (sometimes spelled Hooponopono or Ho oponopono)?

Do not mix this with Huna. It is not the same. Mornah Nalamaku Simeona updated an ancient practice of Ho'oponopono so that it could be done by an individual for healing and transformation. One of her students is now the master, Dr. Hew Len, PhD. He has taught with and worked with 
Joe Vitale, who is more responsible than anyone in making the practice well known in the
book "Zero Limits".

What is the Ho'oponopono (hooponopono) Practice?

In practice, Ho'oponopono (hooponopono) is very simple. You simply repeat the following phrases:

  • I love you
  • Please forgive me
  • I am sorry
  • Thank you

An alternative practice is to pray, "Divinity, please remove all programs from me or my ancestors back to the beginning of time that are causing __________________. Thank you.
I love you. Please forgive me."

Those who believe in subjective reality will understand why this works. If you believe in objective reality, then Ho'oponopono (hooponopono) will be a mystery to you. However, it will still work.

Dr. Hew Len explains that whichever way you petition Divinity, your Higher Mind will send the prayer which will be received and acted on. As you clear, those around you who are affected by you will also be healed.

What Does This Have to Do with Your Vibrations?

When describing Ho'oponopono (hooponopono), Dr. Hew Len sometimes uses the phrase, "Clear, clear, clear and go back to port." When we are at the port, after incessant cleaning, we are at zero which is where we were when we were born. At zero, we have no limits from old memories replaying in our Subconscious. We are able to receive inspiration directly from Higher Mind.

The part of one's self that is damaged by life's experience is healed by Ho'oponopono (hooponopono). As undamaged beings, we vibrate at a high intensity. During the process of healing, our vibrations increase steadily. This improves our life little by little.

I have used this around crying children who I knew, and it worked. I have used this around crying children who were strangers in a supermarket, and it worked. I have used it when around distressed adults, and it worked. I have used it when I have heard stories of distressed adults I don't even know and it's been reported back that it helped.

In the terminology of Eckhart Tolle, Ho'oponopono (hooponopono) heals the pain body of the practitioner. Once this has been done, then any active pain body nearby is soothed and comforted by the loving, non-judgmental, attention of a healthy human.

Those who have high vibrations have a healing affect on those around them. This was noted by David Hawkins in "Power Vs. Force". He determined that those people who live in the frequency or vibrational resonance of "willingness" or "acceptance" counterbalance 90,000 individuals living in grief or fear. This is very helpful to the state of the world!






Nancy J. Stremmel is the co-owner and developer of: the compendium of information on the Law of Attraction. She is a writer, licensed Social Worker, educator, artist and therapist. She believes that everyone can make the Law of Attraction work for them. My original story of growth and healing due to Ho'oponopono can be found here: 
Thank you. I love you Article Source:

                       I'm Sorry. Please Forgive me. Thank You! I Love You!

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