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Laurie Kristensen's Pet Sitting

Affordable, Loving, & Fun Pet Care!

Dog Potty/Play Breaks
Plus Vacation Sitting for Cats & Critters
(in your own home).
Or Vacation Sitting for Dogs with Up to
3 Visits a Day (in your own home).


Dog, Cat, & Critter Care Available in the Bloomington, Richfield, Edina, and Southern Edges of South Minneapolis areas of Minnesota

Plus Once-A-Day Cat & Critter Care in
Additional Surrounding Areas

Does your dog need a mid-day potty/play break in your yard?
You might want this done every weekday, or only on certain days each week.
Or, you might only need this done on an occasional, as-needed basis.
I can also dog sit while you travel by making up to 3 visits a day IF you live within 10 minutes of my home.
Or, does your cat (or other small critter) need to be fed and have the litter box (or cage) cleaned plus some loving attention and play time while you are traveling or on vacation? 
I can visit once a day (or possibly twice a day IF you live within 15 min. of my home), or once every other day (which is not at all ideal for the safety of your cat, but I am willing if your budget is extremely tight). 

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Dogs and Cats & Critters

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After reviewing the info here, please call me with your questions. If it seems like a possible match, we can set up a time for a FREE consultation... I will come to your place to meet you and your pets.

Phone:  952-814-7296

Please be sure to leave a message because I do not answer calls unless I already have the number in my phone's contacts... thanks!


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Remember, if you need dog potty/play break visits, cat sitting, or other kinds of pet care -- whether on a weekly basis or an as-needed basis (such as if you have occasional needs only or you are going on vacation or traveling) -- please review this website and then give me a call if you live in these areas: 

Dog, Cat, & Critter Care in Bloomington, Richfield, Edina, and the Southern Edges of Minneapolis, MN

Plus Once-A-Day Cat & Critter Care in Additional Surrounding Areas 


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