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I'm a stable, 66-year-old woman with 2 grown sons. 

I have always owned pets throughout my life (cats, dogs, plus a few gerbils, Betta fish, turtles, bunnies, etc.) and I love ALL animals. Everyone in my family has always had pets -- usually MULTIPLE pets at one time!

I started my pet care business in August of 2011. So far, I have not been able to resist falling in love with every single new client's pet(s)!

As for my work history other than pet care, I had been working at home on the Internet since 2001, dabbling in Internet marketing and various home-based businesses. I have done a bit of simple web design, transcription typing, some online marketing, and more. 

Before 2001, I was a desktop publisher working for other companies, except for a time when my kids were small and I started my own home-based typing business. You can check my Linked-In profile for details of my work history.

I'd be happy to come and meet you and your pet(s) at no extra charge for that first visit.

For full details on options for length of visits and prices, see the Services & Rates pages for DOGS  and CATS & CRITTERS.

Be sure to visit the Photos page to see some of my many happy 'clients' as well as the References page to read positive testimonials written by their owners!

Lastly, be sure to visit the Business Policies page to understand additional important details of doing business together.
I have personally lived with as many as 7 cats at one time!


Contact Me!
After reviewing the info here, please call me with your questions. If it seems like a possible match, we can set up a time for a FREE consultation... I will come to your place to meet you and your pets.

Phone:  952-814-7296

Please be sure to leave a message because I do not answer calls unless I already have the number in my phone's contacts... thanks!


AND! Please visit my Facebook Page to see Many VIDEOS...



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