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Cash, Checks, and PayPal (which allows you to use Visa and Mastercard) are accepted.

An initial consultation to meet you and your pet(s) is FREE

I will provide whatever you need in terms of references so that you can feel absolutely comfortable choosing me!


ALSO -- After ANY pet care visit, I offer to send a short text or email about our time together that day! (Unless we pretty much do the exact same thing every single day, most days a week. In that case, I can text or email you if anything unusual comes up.)

PLUS (with your approval) I will give your pet treats at the end of my visit. I always carry low-cal training treats and small-size plain milk bones for dogs and Temptations, etc., for cats. But, let me know of your pet has allergies or sensitivities, and then I can use the treats you keep at home. 

I think the main thing I want you to understand is that I try to have a lot of FUN with each pet! With dogs, especially, we seem to develop individual routines for our greetings when I arrive and for the games we play and for how I give their treats at the end. I have as much fun as they do! 

For instance, some dogs like their treats loaded into Kongs as I leave. Others LOVE me to toss them and let them chase them! (The Charlee Bear brand of treats are especially good for this game and only 3 calories each).

For dogs that I walk several times a week, I try to find a few different spots close by that are fun. Then we alternate among them each visit, so it does not get boring for either of us (unless we always go to a nearby dog park, which is always fun no matter what). :o)



At the present time, I do not offer overnight dog sitting (where I sleep in your home).

I also do not offer boarding in my own home. 

Alternatively -- and ONLY if you live within 15 min. of my home -- I could possibly make 2 to 3 visits a day, but I would not be able to make my first visit of the day until at least mid-morning. I am a night owl, though, so I can easily make my last visit of the day pretty late at night, even up to 10 or 11 pm.

So, if your dog(s)' schedule could adjust to that -- or you could have other family or friends handle any non-negotiable early morning visits -- let me know what your needs might be. I would charge for each individual visit according to its length, as described below.


20 min. Visits
Dog Potty/Play Breaks at Your Home

If you don't really need your dog(s) to have a full-length walk, I can stop by to just let them out in your yard for a potty break (or just a very short walk long enough for them to go potty IF they are good on a leash) plus play time, some loving attention, and treats. If it's their meal time, I can also feed them.

FEES: * See NOTE, below

1 DOG: 

If you live within 15 min. from my home = $12 per visit

If you live between 15-30 min. from my home = $17 per visit


For each additional dog:

- Playing in your fenced yard ONLY = $2 more per visit

- Taking a very quick on-leash walk = $5 more per visit

35-45 min. Visits
Dog Walks or Quick Trips to a Nearby Dog Park

NOTE: My "Long" visits are typically closer to 45 min., but if my schedule is occasionally extremely tight for a certain day, it may be 35 min. now and then.

For dog walking, in all honesty, I do best with small-to-medium or medium-large dogs that are fairly easy to handle on a leash

However, I also AM able to work with larger dogs that are older or otherwise very calm and trained to be good on a leash.

I would NOT be the choice for dogs that need to really run or walk extremely briskly OR who pull on the leash unless they use something like a gentle leader. If in doubt, we could test it out with a short trial walk, on my initial free visit. 

However, IF they like playing 'fetch' and if you DO have a fenced yard or we go to the off leash dog park (if within a reasonable distance), I can really give them a good work out.

Since we live in an area of many lakes and parks, what I find myself doing most often (if not close enough to an off-leash dog park) is to jump into my car with the dog(s) and go for a few minutes' ride to the nearest lake, park, Minnehaha Parkway, etc...

This seems to be double fun for dogs because they all usually LOVE a car ride, even if it's actually only for a few minutes!

NOTE:  The city sidewalks are usually so uneven/cracked that I much prefer walking dogs on the grass or paved walking paths at the lakes, parks, etc.!

What We Can Do: 

For a dog walk or play visit, I stay for 35 to 45 minutes. After our greetings, the outing and walk itself will be about 1/2 hour or so of the visit, depending on the weather and temperature. 

Again, depending on whether an off leash dog park is located nearby, we could even make a short visit to one...

I believe that even a shorter time at a dog park (depending on the drive time) gives them A LOT more exercise than they'd get with just a plain 30-min. walk on a leash, or even play time in a fenced yard!

-- Alternatively to dog park visits, we can combine some yard or indoor play with some walk time or driving time to/from a nearby regular park, lake, playground... whatever your dog(s) and you prefer.

-- If the weather is absolutely forbidding with pouring rain or thunder/lightning storms or winter temps below about 10 degrees, we can also play indoors and/or drive around a bit longer (IF your dog enjoys the car), with multiple shorter trips outside for potty breaks.

-- I can also feed them, or work on simple training commands, etc., per your wishes.

Then we get home to have our good-byes and (with your permission) I give them treats -- sometimes we play games with the treats or I can stuff them into their Kong (if they have one) to leave with them to play with.

OR... If your dog has food sensitivities or a restricted diet and you want them to only have the treats you provide, that's okay, too.

FEES: * See NOTE, below

1 DOG:

If you live within 15 min. from my home = $16 per Visit

If you live between 15-30 min. from my home = $21 per Visit


For each additional dog:

- Playing in your fenced yard ONLY = $2 more per visit

- On-leash walks or trips to a park = $5 more per visit

60 min. Visits
Trips to a Nearby Dog Park

NOTE:  The option for "Extra Long" visits may not always be available, depending on my schedule, but we can figure that out as we go.

Visits lasting a total of 60 minutes give us a longer time to play and exercise at the park. We'll do a combination of walking, playing fetch, and playing with other dogs that are friendly.

FEES: * See NOTE, below

1 DOG: 

If you live within 15 min. from my home = $21 per Visit

If you live between 15-30 min. from my home = $26 per Visit


Each additional dog = $5 more per Visit

Additional Services:

Extra Time:  If the time is available in my schedule, you can add 15 minute increments for $5 extra each increment to the base price.

Extra Tasks (if you are traveling):  NO CHARGE to feed and clean/refill the water bowls, or to take in the mail, water indoor plants, switch up the lights left on when I leave, and/or set the garbage cans out and then back.

Outdoor Watering (if you are traveling):  I can also possibly water outdoor plants/garden for an extra fee, if desired. I can give you a quote at our initial meeting when I see the extent of what would be required.

* NOTE: 

-- My Location:
I live in Bloomington just south of 494 on 12th Ave. So. (basically, 12th Ave. So. at 82nd Street)

12th Ave. runs north/south parallel with/between Cedar (Hwy. 77) and Portland -- relatively near the Mall of America (to its west), and southwest of the airport.

-- IF you live MORE than 30 min. away from my home, unfortunately, I CANNOT even consider taking the job!

Additional Charges:

Extra Trips to Pick Up or Drop Off Keys:

We usually make arrangements for the keys at our initial visit.

You may not be comfortable making a decision to hire me until after I get home and email you my references document that includes full contact information for my past and current clients.

In that case, once you make the decision to hire me, we can often figure out a way for you to hide the key(s) on your property where I can pick them up upon arrival, keep with me for the duration of our agreement, then leave for you upon my last visit. (If you have a mailbox that drops mail inside your home, I can drop them into that upon leaving.)

However, if you are not comfortable with that and it's necessary for me to make additional trips back to your house to either pick up or drop off the key(s), I need to charge extra for my time and gas:

$5 per trip if you live within 15 min. of me.

$10 per trip if you live between 15-30 min. from me.

Holiday Surcharges:

There is an additional $5 per VISIT charge on the following days:

New Year's Eve
New Year's Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day


Contact Me!
After reviewing the info here, please call me with your questions. If it seems like a possible match, we can set up a time for a FREE consultation... I will come to your place to meet you and your pets.
Phone:  952-814-7296
(Please be sure to leave a message... thanks!)



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